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STS80 and STS48 updates

From: Erik <>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 17:23:58 GMT
Fwd Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 12:47:40 -0500
Subject: STS80 and STS48 updates


Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 16:17:26 GMT
From: Erik <>

           In the study of the STS 80 events, (space shuttle ufos)
   we have given sts-48, (Discovery, 1991) a re-look, and review,
   and now it appears that event 3, as per Don Ratsch, shows what
   seems like a structured craft, i.e., a "flying saucer", for
   five to ten seconds. Slowed down by freeze-frame, it shows a
   shape-shifting object that does often look like a saucer with a dome
   on it.

           Given the tendency of the media and the public to demand that
   ufos look like "space ships", and not fiery blobs, this should make
   many excited and happy. The NASA/Gov't connection is good. Debris and
   ice just don't look like saucers....and this has a firm trajectory.

           Forward to Ted Koppel's producer at ABC, and all lists, Strange

           Seriously.  Stills and video copies have been sent out to
  the usual suspects. Donations to help pay back these costs are appreciated.

                    STS 80 UPDATE

      (Space Shuttle UFOs)

            l) Orbit, as per NASA web site, was 218 miles, which
                means any fireballs seen near the shuttle were *definitely*
                not in any air whatever (stops at 55miles) and thus
                were anomalous objects, not meteors.

            2) Jim Dilettoso has many calculations that show the largest
                objects were not close to the lens, and hence  not ice, nor

            3) Our mystery astronaut agrees that the large objects, no 1 and
                no 2, (there are 65 or more...) are not normal debris nor
                known objects from his experience in space. These look like
                round bright balls that change (shape-shift) to other shapes,
                such as champagne corks and lemons. (shape-wise).

            4) The largest fireball, we will call object no. 3 for

            5) Dr. Gerald Hawkins, of Stonehenge fame, and crop  circles,
                says that the objects (no 3, and others like fireballs)
                 cannot be meteors. No air to burn in. Tails too long.
                   Fiery tails.

            6) Dr. Maccabee and  Dr Kasher are mulling the data over.

            7) Jim D says that the first object is  in focus. I agree.

            8) Kasher says that the distance to the horizon is 1330 miles.
               Object no. 1 seems to get there.

            9) We have located a saucer image in the older STS 48 images
                 and we will isolate that, re-tape it, and photograph it.

            10) There is also a multi-legged "space bug" in STS 48 footage.

             11) All on the Ad Hoc Committee agree that the time is not ripe
                  this week to go public, and more analysis is needed, before
                   we do.  All ambitious ufologists who want fame are
                     urged to wait until the right time, and then act in
                      unison. Let us not blow it.

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