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Zdany, Poland Jan-2006 UFO Photo

The Zdany, Poland 8-Jan-2006 UFO Photos, an example of walnut-shaped UFO i.e. "flattened sphere with ring at the equator".

Reportedly the object immobilized two cars, and was moving extremely swiftly and without noise. A series of photographs taken, read more abour the Zdany UFO photos and story at ufoinfo and ufoevidence. Some of the best recent UFO photos.

Todo: Add the "Phoenix, AZ - UFO orb gliding through mountain range" timestamped as 28-Feb-2006 7:43AM video footage by anonymous.

Related: The object photographed near Zdany Poland in 2006 very much resembles in shape -but obviously not in size- the UFO encountered by Japan Airlines flight JAL1628 on 17-Nov-1986. See pilot's drawing (taken from his official report), computer rendering of encounter, Maccabee analysis (big doc!) (ufologie). Also the object seen at Lincolnton, NC on 1-May-1985 at 21:30 (src: MUFON Journal Mar-86, p5).

The Japanese pilot lost his flying status for reporting the incident to the public, but 15 years later the story was corroborated by Callahan, former FAA Head of Investigations in DC. FAA administrator Donald Engen briefed members of President Reagan's Scientific Study Team, the FBI and the CIA in Washington, D.C. We know the details today because John Callahan, Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA, attended the secret meeting and saved all audio and video evidence of the event (src: Callahan testimony at Disclosure Project's Press Conference in 2001)

Summary: UFO Web-portals can be roughly categorized into two camps, those focused primarily on documenting UFO history and those following current events. UFO portal Websites will typically locate (via archival research), digitize, organize and publish on-line the content created by other parties, such as publications by defunct UFO organizations, old books and newspapers. Glossary: CE3 = close encounter of the 3rd kind, i.e. UFO-occupant sightings

UFO sites focused on documenting UFO history (historical cases, rather than try to track news-as-it-happens, for that go to second group):

Sites tracking current UFO events as well as case histories (note: have also a look at the UFO blogs, UFO forums and UFO podcasts):

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