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List of UFO Podcasts and radio shows MP3s

Summary: This page offers a hand-edited list of podcasts and radio shows that cover UFOs. Through the links below, there are over 10,000 episodes available for download as MP3 files (needless to say, the episodes worth listening to are far fewer than 10,000). If you are still relatively new to the UFO subject or are looking for a "short list" of UFO shows to listen to, you are welcome to check the section "My opinion" below, about the persons publicly speaking about UFOs.

Podcasts (Note: Most of these podcasts are NOT listed in iTunes, so you may want to bookmark this page):

My (warning: brutally honest) opinion: Since visitors to this page have asked me for podcast recommendations, I will say that my UFO interests are very specific to my own research (on possible UFO physics) and apparently different from all but a handful of other people around the world. I also happen to find it more efficient to read about UFOs (which allows me to do full-text searches for keywords and copy/paste stuff into custom databases), rather than listen to audio. Having said that, I have enjoyed listening to certain UFO researchers (e.g. Chris Styles about his investigation into the Shag Harbour UFO incident of 1967, or Carl Feindt who collects water-related incidents, or the 11-Apr-2001 clip of Grant Cameron asking Dick Cheney on live radio whether he had been officially briefed on the UFO subject, to which Cheney replied "Well, if I had been briefed on it, I'm sure it was probably classified and I couldn't talk about it"). I also like to listen to the UFO witnesses speaking directly in their own words, at various UFO audio archives like those by Wendy Connors (incl. the tapes from NUFORC hotline), Michel Deschamps and Brian Vike (in the future, I plan to convert those audios using speech-to-text software - functionality similar to Youtube's auto-captioning). My main criterion for these lists has been to ask if the person has contributed to UFO study something of actual and enduring substance. The podcast shows in the section titled "Recommended" below are worth listening to if you have the time, but if you think that all the answers to UFOs are available in them, then you will be disappointed. Note: Since "moderate" Ufologists tend to stick to the facts and most are average storytellers, listeners without a real interest in the UFO subject might find their interviews rather unexciting or even boring. In contrast, the most popular "colorful" paranormal radio guests talk breathlessly about subjects ranging from secret space program, to FEMA camps, to hollow Earth, to mind control. Some nationally syndicated radio shows in the US have even had known liars/hoaxers like Bill Knell, Jonathan Reed and Sean David Morton as repeat guests. It's understandable that some nightly shows have a ton of air-time to fill and factor-in the guest's charisma, but apparently their producers either do no due diligence whatsoever on their guests, or adhere to the premise "any story is valid if it soaks up ratings".

In addition to the UFO researchers listed in the "Recommended" section above, there are in fact dozens of individuals who have done years of actual getting-your-hands-dirty UFO investigations and published their work, the sung and unsung heroes of Ufology. People like Walter N. Webb, David F. Webb (HUMCAT), Jennie Zeidman (CUFOS, Coyne UH-1 incident), Willy Smith (UNICAT Project, UFO sighting files), Ted Bloecher & Isabel Davis (HUMCAT, CSI-NY), Coral and Jim Lorenzen (APRO), Matt Graeber (UFORIC), Ray Stanford (author of "Soccoro saucer in a Pentagon pantry" 1976 about the Zamora/Soccoro NM 1964, which however Richard H. Hall raised some serious objections in MUFON Journal Jul-1976; Project Starlight P.S.I. instrumental monitoring), Paul R. Hill (NASA engineer, author "Unconventional Flying Objects"), Bruce Maccabee (U.S. Navy optical physicist and author of "The UFO/FBI Connection"), Marc D' Antonio (astronomer, MUFON chief photo analyst), Barry Greenwood & Larry Fawcett (FOIA docs, UFO history, archival research, authors of "Clear Intent"), Raymond E. Fowler, Bob Pratt (reporter 30+ years, author "UFO DANGER ZONE" & "Night Siege"), Mark Cashman (MUFON CT, temporaldoorway), Keith Rowell (Oregon MUFON), Walt Andrus (MUFON director), John F. Schuessler (MUFON director), Robert Powell (MUFON), Harley Rutledge, Stuart Appelle (alien abductions, JUFOS editor), Jack Kasher, Michael D. Swords (history, CUFOS), Jan Aldrich (early history of UFOs, Sign Historical Group, Project 1947, archival research), Jim Klotz (CUFON sysop, Sign Oral History Project), Brad Sparks (RB47 case, UFO history, Bluebook unknowns), Thomas Tulien (Minot AFB ND 1968 case, Sign History Project), Keith Chester (UFO history, author of "Strange company" about UFOs in WWII aka foo-fighters), Kenny Young [SDI419], Francis Ridge (new NICAP Web portal), Leonard Stringfield (collected UFO crash retrieval stories 1970s), Allan Hendry (CUFOS chief investigator in 1970s, personally investigated over 1300 UFO reports), Joseph "Junior" Hicks (Utah cases), Roderick B. Dyke (AUFOR, UFONS), Lou Farish (UFONS), Frank B. Salisbury (author "Utah UFO Display" 1974), Mark Rodeghier (CUFOS director), Barry Downing (author "Flying Saucers and the Bible"), Patrick Cooke (, Don Berliner (author). UFO sighting report databases: Donald Johnson and Saunders (UFOCAT), Larry Hatch (*U* UFO Database), Chris Rutkowski and Geoff Dittman (Canadian UFO Survey), Martin Jasek (UFO*BC, Yukon 1996 UFO case). To-check: Ivan Sanderson, James McCampbell, Leonard Cramp, Ann Druffel, Paul Norman, Phyllis A. Bundinger (chemist). Royce J. Myers III (, who investigated and exposed several hoaxers, incl. "Dr" Reed) UFO researchers outside North America include: Illobrand von Ludviger & Rolf-Dieter Klein (MUFON-CES Germany), Patrick Gross (portal, CE3 db, archival research, old French cases), Jean Jacques Vélasco (SEPRA 1983-2004), Claude Poher, Jacques Patenet (head of GEIPAN - Groupe d’Etudes et d’Information des Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non identifiés - official body in France for UFO Investigation), Dominique F. Weinstein (AIRPANC catalogue of pilot sightings, France), Gildas Bourdais (French Ufology) [BOAA319], Jenny Randles (northern Britain, NUFON, BUFORA director of investigations 1983-1994), Georgina Bruni (Rendlesham), Martin Shough, Gary Heseltine (British policemen UFO db), Clas Svahn (Archives for UFO Research AFU, UFO Sweden, skeptic), Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos (FOTOCAT, Anomaly Foundation Spain, skeptic), Ole Jonny Braenne (UFO Norway), Olavo T. Fontes (Brazil), Ubirajara Rodrigues (Brazil, author "The Varginha Case"), A.J. Gevaerd (Brazilian UFO files declassification), Marco Antonio Petit de Castro (Brazil), Bill Chalker (Australian and Chinese Ufology), Keith Basterfield (Australia, former APRO and MUFON), Antonio Huneeus (Chile/US, Rockefeller initiative), Auguste Meessen (Belgium), Massimo Teodorani (Italy), Maurizio Verga. Belgium: Michel Bougard, Lucien Clerebaut, Patrick Ferryn, Dr. Leo Brenig.

What is a podcast? The power of Podcasting, if you have not yet experienced it, is the ability for you, the listener, to dictate what you listen to and when you listen to it. In simplest terms, a podcast is an MP3 audio file that, typically through automated means, is downloaded to your computer, which may in turn load it onto your iPod or other portable audio device. Another way to think of Podcasting is as TiVo for radio. First and foremost a Podcast is an MP3 (audio) file and all you need to play it is an MP3 player. Practically every computer with free software, such as Microsoft Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes, is already able to play a Podcast. You only need a portable media player (PMP) device like iPod, Zune, Archos etc if you want to listen to podcasts while you are away from your computer (e.g. driving to work or taking a walk). In the latter scenario (portable media player) typically the Podcast client software (such as iTunes, Juice, or Zune) on your computer will download your pre-selected podcasts at the scheduled time, for example, every night at 11:00pm and "synchronize" any new podcast files to your portable media player. The next morning, you grab your MP3 player, loaded with all its new podcast content, and hit the road. Many people listen to their favorite podcasts while commuting.

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