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List of UFO Organizations

Green Bay Wisconsin UFO Photo

Green Bay Wisconsin USA Jan-2007 photo by anonymous photographer, of what seems to be a disk with several colored lights on its underside: 12 of those lights evenly spaced at 30° apart forming an inner circle and 4 more at 90° apart - bigger photo [ufoevidence]

Story: "An email contact of mine sent them. She asserts her Husband took them a few weeks ago (around the first week of January) in Wisconsin near Green Bay. I reserve judgement but I will say it is very similar with Weyauwega UFO" -- Jack Nethering

Related: This object's configuration somewhat resembles the UFO seen by the pilots of Chicago airlines DC3 Mar-1950 (estim. 9-12 "lights" on its underside). Another is the Weyauwega, WI USA, Feb-2003 (3 lights on its underside spaced 120° apart)

Water connection: Throughout this site, I keep pointing out the apparent connection between low-altitude sightings of UFOs and bodies of water (like the Great Lakes in these cases). It was researcher Ivan T. Sanderson, who in his 1971 book Invisible Residents: The Reality of Underwater UFOs suggested that aliens could remain undetected by building their bases beneath the Earth's oceans.

Related #2: Sighting by long-time UFO investigator and author Raymond E. Fowler on 14-May-1980, near Mars Hill, Maine USA. In his MUFON report he describes "three (3) disks with many white lights on bottom. Hovered perfectly still in close formation, suddenly took off at incredible speed from a standstill. It was raining" full report

Ray Fowler MUFON report

Summary: Civilian UFO organizations have nearly always operated on a shoestring budget, essentially volunteer organizations. Still many of them managed to do remarkable work over the past 50yr, investigating and documenting UFO sighting reports. Overall, perhaps about a thousand (1000) UFO organizations have been created all over the globe since the 1950s, but only a handful of them became large (NICAP's membership peaked at about 15,000 during the early and mid 1960s; APRO's membership peaked in 1967 with 1500 members). Many investigative organizations have closed down over the years (e.g. NICAP, APRO, UFORIC). Some of the few surviving ones had to down-size considerably since the mid-1990s, perhaps tied to the Internet era (e.g. CUFOS in USA, MUFON-CES in Germany, SOBEPS->COBEPS in Belgium). UFO historian J.Clark remarked that there has been a breakdown of morale in the field of UFO research, as the substantial efforts in UFO case investigations of the 1960s and 1970s failed to attract mainstream attention. In the 1980s the focus of UFO organizations was aimed towards the Roswell NM 1947 incident (alleged UFO crash), the MJ12 papers controversy (ostensibly "leaked" Top Secret documents revealing a covert involvement of US military and government with UFOs), government coverups and the so-called "alien abduction" phenomenon. In the 1990s and 2000s several advocacy and "disclosure" groups were formed, to petition for renewed government-sponsored UFO studies and transparency. Some old-timers are "deeply pessimistic" about Ufology, concluding that the UFO field is all but paralyzed by infighting, a lack of funding, cooperation and standardization, and dubious claims.

For an extensive list of UFO groups, visit UFO Organizations @ or take a look at the small sample below:

UFO reporting, documentation and study

Public UFO Archives, initiatives to preserve UFO history UFO photo archives (but how many authentic?): Defunct UFO groups Political activism, disclosure, "exopolitics" etc Note: Videos of both the 12-Nov-2007 and the May-2001 events are available to watch online in the testimonies page.

Databases of UFO sighting reports:

UFO instrumental monitoring: Ray Stanford (Project Starlight P.S.I.), Harley Rutledge, Project Hessdalen Norway, Douglas Trumbull (UFOTOG 2010)

My opinion: What I see today as the prevailing sentiment in the UFO subculture is that many "believers" don't care for an investigative organization, they already "know the answer" -- which typically is along the lines of "The previous decades' investigative efforts into UFO incidents and whistleblower accounts have established beyond a reasonable doubt that UFOs are physically real and most likely alien craft. Some group operating somewhere within the US Military / Intelligence / Government is sitting upon the definitive evidence (UFO wreckage and bodies) to prove this. Rather than putting more resources into low-level efforts by civilian UFO groups, we need to apply political pressure to end UFO secrecy". A few may lean towards conspiratorial speculations (underground alien bases, government treaties with aliens, abductions, hidden technologies of free energy and anti-gravity, Nazi UFOs, secret gov, NWO etc) or "spiritualistic" / "New-Agey" beliefs (e.g. benevolent aliens imparting wisdom, urging us to mend our ways or warning us about ecological disasters). So most people in the UFO subculture just want some sort of group to connect to like-minded people, and this is reflected in the membership numbers. By the way, I was quite surprised to find out that several of the UFO groups in Europe, are in fact run by "pelicanists" i.e. people who are active in the UFO community and may even do investigations (unlike the "armchair skeptics" in US), but will invariably propose hard-to-believe and sometimes downright ludicrous "prosaic explanations" (which I call "Prozac explanations" as they seem to be Prozac-induced) to puzzling UFO sightings, in a desperate effort to explain them away.

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