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Purported alien UFO-nauts (UFO occupants) - alien pictures

Caponi 1993 alien Photo

Photo of small (height est. 80cm / 2.5ft) amphibian (a.k.a. "reptilian") humanoid taken on 20-Aug-1993. From a series of 6 Polaroid photos taken by 23yr old Italian painter Filiberto Caponi (homepage) in Pretare d'Arquata del Tronto (in Marche) Italy in 1993. More: story @ ufologie, all Caponi photos [note: the few Internet pages which cover this little known case offer arbitrary interpretations like "wounded skin", "melted space suit" etc, however a "pinkish-purple coloration, like burned" has been reported in independent sightings of similar beings, e.g. by Mrs Tolentino, Puerto Rico Aug-1995 or the "men of bronze" at the Utinga reservoir, Brazil during the "Chupa-chupa" period of 1977]. For reasons that I put forth later in this document, I speculate that the being is wearing "cover-alls" and a "helmet" and that its coveralls might simply serve to keep its skin moist, rather than be a "space suit".

Context: Studying the characteristics of sighting reports, it seems possible that such beings have been reported all over the world and at different times, but given different names. Various regional names (Latin America's Chupacabras, Japan's Kappas, Magadascar's Kalanoro, lake/swamp "monsters" etc) hide the fact they all resemble eachother in their humanoid body plan, height (about 1m / 3ft tall), bipedal posture (walk upright, with legs flexed as if slightly crouching), color (brown, tan or grey), proportionally short arms with three (3) long skinny fingers ("claw-like", no opposable thumb), proportionally long legs, no tail, facial characteristics, aquatic habits, feeding habits, nocturnal habits etc.

Unbelievably, Filiberto Caponi reported a total of 5 encounters with the being. All encounters happened during night-time. In the first one of 9-May-1993 he did not photograph it. On 24-May-1993, he took two photos (photo 1, photo 2). On the 11-Aug one photo (photo 3), where the being is within a dark covering. On 20-Aug he took two photos of the being sitting (photo 4, photo 5 most detail). On 20-Sep he took the last picture in which the being is seen upright with stretched legs and seemingly without its coveralls (photo 6 - yes, I know it looks like a paper-mache doll...). Apparently, in all but the last one of Caponi's photos, the being is wearing "cover-alls" and a "helmet".

Credits: The Caponi case was investigated and first published by british author Timothy Good, in his 2002 book "Unearthly Disclosure".

Several factors have led me to believe this being is water dwelling / amphibian (more on the significance of this later). Extracts from Caponi's 1993 testimony which suggest that the being desires water (if indeed amphibian, its coveralls might simply serve to keep its skin moist, rather than be a "space suit"):
"The being had always appeared with gauze around the legs, and something similar to leather on its back, but this time it did not wear its covering anymore, but appeared with two tubes on the thorax that seemed to slightly move under its skin, like from air or liquid pressure, or some fluid, I don't know, maybe for its respiration. The small tubes both moved rhythmically. And an other important thing: I was convinced that the body was wet, it drained water, it dripped. But not much. From its head, water passed beside the eyes like some sweat. I want to emphasize that that evening my sister had also heard the noises, on the small terrace of our house, where my father had two drums in which he put water for watering the flowers. The drums were supposed to be full, but instead one was half empty. We have thought that perhaps it had gone to bathe itself. Maybe during the night, it had "undressed", dipped in a drum, washed, and jumped from the terrace, producing the noise of a jump in water that my sister heard."
Also, the only time the being was seen without its coveralls, was on 20-Sep-1993, i.e. a night with heavy rain.

Related: Another incident involving similar "reptilian" humanoid beings occured at the city of Varginha, Brazil in Jan-1996. Notice the striking similarities between the being in the Caponi photos and the descriptions of the beings at the Varginha incident witnesses: "oily/shiny (wet?) brown skin", "large head, large eyes, "very small hands with three webbed fingers" (src: student Hildo Lucio Galdino), "huge veins running down its neck, like a giant ox heart". In a squatting position (squatting is also how Caponi's sketch depict it, in his first encounter). It had a bloated belly, the 3 girls were ridiculed about "pregnant ET". Of the two beings chased and shot by soldiers from Tres Coracoes Army Base, one had "no bodily hair", whereas the other was "covered in dark brown hair" (male/female? uniform?). Made a strange buzzing sound (like a swarm of bees).

Months after I had formulated the idea that the Caponi 1993 entity was possibly amphibian and its description was similar with the entities seen in Varginha 1996, I stumbled upon a report by brazilian investigator Newton Augusto, who had independently arrived to the idea the Varginha beings were amphibian (citing info from his own personal research, which however does not appear in the case files of the other Varginha investigators):
the idea of these creatures being water based comes from various aspects put together: [house-servant working for a military officer] witnessed video where the captured beings were seen inside water tanks. Membranes between fingers. Creature kept wrapped in wet sheets. The alien was seen at the zoo on a location just a few meters from the lake. Skin looking wet - amphibious like.
Src: Varginha Diary by Newton Augusto
American medical doctor and IMHO somewhat problematic UFO investigator Dr. Roger Leir traveled to Brazil in 2003 and interviewed a Varginha doctor who said he examined one of the beings. According to Leir, the Brazilian physician observed brown shiny skin, reticulated with a discernable outline of large cells, much like reptilian skin, which though smooth, showed the outlines of scales. On top of the head there were three bony prominences (what the 3 girls back in 1996 described as "horns", see early drawing based on the girls' story) that went from the front to the back, one on each side and one down the middle. The tongue was quite long and bifurcated. It had an external set of blood vessels -looked like varicose veins- which coursed up the shoulders into the neck area but did not go up the neck. The feet were unusual, with 3 short central fleshy toes on the front of the foot, while on one side was an additional prehensile-like appendage which pointed downwards in a resting position ("a prehistoric or vestigial digit which went out, when the foot was in a relaxed state, to about 90° and then when the being was locked he would pull the digit up so it was parallel with the long axis of the foot"). At the end of this appendage was what looked like a claw, approximatly ¾ to 1-inch in length. No nails and no hair on the toes, or anywhere else on the body. (src: C2C interviews on 29-Aug-2004 and 22-May-2005). [Todo: footprint / track plaster casts?]

According to Brazilian UFOlogist A.J. Gevaerd, Varginha is probably the best documented entity incident in the world, as over 80 direct first-hand witnesses have come forward to confirm the capture of at least 2 beings (duration 2.5min):
AJG "according to witnesses who came very close, the beings were suffering in our atmosphere - seemed dizzy, esp. after midday when the sun was very hot" src: interview @ Paracast (20061217 1hr14min)

More on the Varginha 1996 case in Varginha Diary,, ufoinfo, ATS, TinWiki, Bob Pratt Files - The Varginha ETs, ufoevidence, ufologie, twf p1 twf p2, Andrade 1996 recap.

Safety: It should be noted, that both in the story told by Caponi 1993, as well as the individual stories told by people at Varginha 1996, these beings had shown no hostility towards humans. However, Caponi developed a cutaneous blackening on his right foot, the foot he used to touch the cover of the little being, which lasted for 3 days. Many hens in the area were found dead, with amputation of limbs or of the head, but without signs of blood or bites. They have been recovered all piled up. And in the 1996 Varginha case, the 23yr old Brazilian military policeman Marco Eli Chereze, who captured a being and took it in his lap with bare hands, died 25 days later by bacteria attacks, which led many to suspect an inexplicable immune system breakdown (ref: more). Also, five animals in the nearby Varginha Zoo died unexplainedly, associated with sightings of such a being (src: Dr. Leila Cabral, a member of the zoo staff).

Various regional names could be describing the same beings: Chupacabras since the 1990s, "Moca Vampire" (seen in local swamplands - again the water connection) and "garadiablo" in the 1970s in Puerto Rico. USA: The "Jersey Devil" (Evans 19-Jan-1909 "walked on back legs and held up two short front legs with paws"), "killer kangaroos" of southern Tenessee in 1934 and the '60s and '70s, the Goat-Man of Lake Worth -an entity reported in the late 1960's that resembled the satyr of ancient mythology-, the Grunch or Black Grunch in New Orleans, MidWest's "dogman", North Carolina: Blandenboro 1954, Bolivia/Lexington/Charlotte near swamps killing and exsanguinating dogs and livestock in Sep-2007 (src: HistoryChannel MonsterQuest - Vampire Beast) etc. In Africa, Congo's Kakundakari. Madagascar's Kalanoro (see the cryptomundo). [todo: India's Muhnochwa 2002] Britain: The "Spring Heeled Jack" of English folklore (1800s), "Devil's footprints" in S.Devon in 1855 and "Cornish Owlman". Greece ("swimming dog of Fourni" Samos / Ikaria - Aegean sea, several goats and sheep killed between 1975 and 1992). Incidentally, in the case of Japan's folklore (more later), they refer to Kappas as amphibian beings, described to feed by sucking out the prey's blood and entrails and reportedly also attack humans. Argentina's "El Diablillo" (imp from Hell). India's "monkey man", Australia's "bunyip", South Africa's "Kaaiman" and "Intulo". The gargoyles of medieval Europe. Various stories about "monsters" near water (swamps, lakes, rivers).

Todo: link with "chupacabras", literally translated: "the goatsucker". The name stems from animals found dead, but not eaten, instead drained of blood and internal organs removed. There is usually no other evidence of a struggle or attack. The prey appears punctured by two or sometimes three puncture marks (almost large enough to accommodate a human finger), frequently on the side of the neck, without showing trauma on the other side, as would occur with a bite.

Video based on Unsolved Mysteries 1996 episode on Chupacabras (8min):
Description of Chupacabras: short 0.7-1.5m (2.5-5ft), typically 1m (3ft) roughly humanoid ("the body of a bipedal, erect dinosaur, but with no tail"), small arms with 3-fingered "claw-like" hands, strong hind legs. Large oval head, large almond-shaped eyes with no apparent pupils, two small holes for nostrils, a slit for mouth (some mention fangs), a forked tongue / tube-like projection, no visible ears. (head drawing, compare with Caponi's photo #5) Some say the skin is like a frog's and others report it has skin like a furry lizard, colored brown (reported to change color "like a chameleon": If in the dark it changes to a dark color; purple, dark grey or dark brown. If in a sunlit area with vegetation; it changes to green, green-gray, light brown or beige), It stands upright -bipedally- on three-toed feet with its forearms suspended at chest level ("Praying-Mantis"-like) and hops in "leaps". It walks with its hind legs flexed -as though slightly crouching- opening them sideways. Some described "spikes" / "porcupine-quill-like appendages" running down its back on the lower-back of its body. These appendages can stay flat on its back, but witnesses describe seeing them rise and move rapidly, become "rainbow-colored" (i.e. change colors from blue to green, to red, to purple, etc) or "sparks or lights" coming out of them. Some reported seeing it levitate 20-30cm (1ft) and fly for several meters without the use of wings. Basic drawing (later interviews of Madelyn Tolentino clarified that "spikes didn't start out of its head, but further down" -- and no fingernails). [todo: find photos/plaster-casts of tracks attributed to Chupies, Check "sulphur/ozone-like" odors of Chupies, with odors from UFOs]

And again the water connection (amphibian?): in NatGeo's "Is it real?" mockumentary, eye-witness Jorge Luis Talavera reported seeing 4 of these beings swimming(!) in his water cistern (src: eye-witness testimonies from Unsolved Mysteries Apr-1996 @ NBC, Discovery Channel's "Alien Vampire Chronicles", History Channel and Nat.Geo Channel "Chupacabras: Is it real?" mockumentary, various webpages: inexplicata, jmartin 1996, xenophilia, monstrous, ufodigest, uforeview, away,, Murphy, parascope. Books: corrales, CRVES, sanchez, green, parascope, hauntedamerica), and many, many witness stories from seemingly sane and sincere people, floating around the Internet, e.g.:
it usually appears after dark, and recently not as often. This creature stands on two legs and is a dark smokey grey. It seems to be covered by a sort of peach type fuzz in the same grey color. The eyes are enormous almond shaped. My husband saw this thing first and in the dark the eyes appeared to be black. A few days ago I had an amazing encounter with one and the eyes appeared much lighter, almost fasceted to me. They were light as well as reflecting the nearby lights in their depths. The head is an oval shape that is much wider on the top. The arms have three digits that have very long claws on the ends they connect at the shoulders. The arms themselves are very thin and give the appearance of limited power, and yet we watched in fascination as it tore open the chainlink of the pigpen almost effortlessly.

From some angles it resembled a mini person about three to four feet tall approximately 75 to 80 pounds. When it walks it has a slumped over gait. The one time my husband went after it at the pigpen he noticed these spikey things on its back like porcupine quills that seemed to move independently. When he got close they began to twitch and he was thoroughly convinced that this thing could launch them if he chose to.
Src: Letter from southern California
[Note: there is another description associated with the term chupacabra, which looks like a coyote / wild grey dog and is a totally different case - photo]

Chupacabras-UFO connection: Is there a correlation between UFOs and Chupacabras? People who have been doing field-investigation seem to think so:
"I can honestly state that the misnamed Chupacabras phenomenon is part and parcel of the UFO phenomenon. I was able to ascertain that it isn't a genetic terrestrial experiment, as I thought, nor the product of some known or unknown animal. I have no doubt that it forms part of the UFO phenomenon." -- Dr. Virgilio Sánchez Ocejo (Miami UFO Center) src
FWIW, according to Puerto Rican investigator Jorge Martin:
"connection between tall [height about 6 ft.] human-like beings, looking like a frail human albino with reddish eyes and a somewhat bulgy head and the Chupacabras creatures was corroborated independently, as the same type of aliens have been observed by serious and reliable witnesses on several occasions accompanying Chupacabras type creatures in different places in Puerto Rico. In some instances, the creatures have been observed as they were levitated inside flying saucer and pyramid shaped UFOs in a beam of light."
Research on the behavior patterns of these beings indicate that they don't attack humans, only animals. There have been questionable rumors they have attacked and even killed humans, but none confirmed to the best of my knowledge.

Todo: Considering the feeding habits of Chupacabras and Kappas, investigate possible link with "animal mutilation" phenomenon a/k/a "Bovine Excision" (where animals are reported being exsanguinated -drained of blood- and exhibit "surgical" cuts) long associated with UFOs. Also the "Chupa-chupa" ("suck-suck") phenomenon in 1977 in Amazonia, with UFOs emitting a strong light and sucking blood from people (more).
There have been some highly disturbing cases of human mutilations (reported e.g. Brazil or rumored in USA, New Zealand 1994, Yugoslavia etc; redfern)

Extract on animal mutilations and UFO connection from the "UFOs: It has begun" 1976 documentary (one of the very few no-nonsense ones on the subject), narrated by French ufologist Jacques Vallee, PhD (9min):

More @ NIDS, FBI FOIA, various texts, Fern Belzil, Linda Howe, summary. Reports from USA, Canada, Britain etc.

Todo: If these beings indeed are water-dwelling / amphibian (and the connection between UFOs and water bodies like lakes, reservoirs, rivers and seas is well documented, as well as cases of UFOs "sucking" water from lakes and reservoirs), one could investigate possible parallels with amphibian beings in CE3 cases, but also in legends and mythology of ancient cultures (Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek etc) and folklore (Japan, American Indians, folk beliefs of Australian aboriginals in Walpiri region etc). Many ancient cultures have legends of amphibians or serpent people, like Oannes, who instructed the early inhabitants of Mesopotamia in civilization:

  • Surviving fragments of "Babyloniaca", a history of Babylon written in Greek by Berossus, talk about the pre-Sumerian tradition on the origins of civilization. They credit "repulsive" amphibian beings, "the Annedoti" and their leader "Oannes", with founding the Mesopotamian civilization. Oannes, as described there, had the form of a fish but with the head of a man under his fish's head and under his fish's tail the feet of a man. In the daytime he came up to the seashore of the Persian Gulf and instructed mankind in writing, language, the arts, and the sciences. The Sumerian language does not appear to be related in any way to the Indo-European languages, or, for that matter, any other language that has ever been spoken on earth. (more, more2, babylonian mathematics)
  • "Nommos" (wiki), amphibian beings taught civilization to humans, according to the folklore of Dogon tribe in Mali Africa (as recorded by French anthropologists Griaule and Dieterlen, and interpreted by author Robert Temple in his "Sirius Mystery" book). More recent work of Juan Jose Benitez more. (FWIW in the Benitez video documentary on the Nommos extract, Pangalé a Dogon -Mali Africa- tribe elder reports that Nommos had killed people, by putting their long tongue in their victim's nose and sucking their blood. He also said Nommos had red eyes, 3 fingers and breathe via a hole in what would be our stomach area.).
    According to Temple, Dogons believed that beings from a planet orbiting around the Sirius-C star came to Earth in the distant past, landing in a place where their ancestors came from (Temple suggested that this was probably Egypt). "These ETs were slimy, air-breathing aquatic creatures that had fish-like tails and arms without elbows, and he noted that similar beings have also been described in ancient China, Greece, and Sumeria" src: c2c (Note: Griaule / Dieterlen / Temple's work has been disputed, but he defends it in R.Temple's answer to critics)
  • the "Kappa" are water-dwelling vampire creatures of Japan's folklore (src1, src2, Wikipedia, sketches). Images of kappa, which are related to the 'kami' spirits of the Shinto religion, were first drawn during the Edo period. Most depictions show kappa as child-sized humanoids, though their bodies are often more like those of monkeys or frogs than human beings. Some descriptions say their faces are apelike. They feed on their hapless victims by sucking out the blood, entrails, liver, or "life force" (depending on the legend) through the anus. Even today, signs warning about kappa appear by bodies of water in some Japanese towns and villages. According to Scornaux and Piens in "A Descoberta dos OVNIs"
    Legend has they came from a distant star and populated the rivers (or seas) of Japan. "Kappas appear to use a submarine, or something of the like, provisioned with a respiratory device as well as some strange helmet with antennas. The skin is copper-colored (see the men of bronze who appeared at the Utinga reservoir, county of Bele'm, during the Chupa-chupa period) and the hands and feet are hook-like.
    Legend has there is a concave indentation in the head, in which liquid/water is kept, which is the secret of Kappa's strength. Todo-Uncorfimed UFO connection: Some Internet texts quote medieval chroniclers of Japan writing that these creatures lived in large 'shells' floating on the surface of the water. Every once in a while, the shells would shoot skyward, hurling their occupants up and away until they were lost from sight in the sky.
  • Chinese mythology's Fu Xi or Fu Hsi "The first of the legendary SAN-HUANG, the snakey God Kings who ruled China five thousand years ago, FU-XI lent a vital hand in the invention of fishing, farming and domesticating animals, and invented writing" more
  • Loveland frog: (Amer. Monsters, wiki): American Indian tribe named the Twightwees, on the banks of the Little Miami River, talked about a lizard-like creature called "Shawnahooc", meaning "demon of the river." In 1955, a local businessman reported seeing three strange 3-4ft tall creatures sitting on a bridge overlooking the Miami River in Loveland. They were covered with leathery skin, had wrinkles of skin instead of hair, mouths with wide froglike lips, and lopsided chests. One creature held over its head a bar-like device that emitted blue sparks. The air around them smelled of alfalfa and almonds. Also, a couple of sightings by policemen in Mar-1972 (though later denied).
  • "Dover demon 1977": human-like creature, ~4 feet tall, with glowing orange eyes and no nose or mouth in a watermelon-shaped head drawing. All the sightings were made in the vicinity of water. (story, drawings, cryptomundo)
  • Australia aboriginals talk about "bunyip". In the work "UFO beliefs in a remote Australian Aboriginal community" 2007 paper by anthropologist Eirik Saethre, UFOs "the aliens want [water]. There is a lot of [water] in [the region]'. UFOs were usually portrayed as spaceships inhabited by beings in search of water, who were interested in little else."
  • There was benefactor God Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent of Ancient Mexico. The Toltec Mayan god Gucumatz was described as a "serpent of wisdom" who enlightened humankind. There are the Nagas, the handsome, semidivine Serpent People with supernatural powers who figure in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions (more). The American Pueblo Indian tribe, the Hopi, talk about Sheti, or "Snake-Brothers". Mayans worshipped a "vampire figure deity long before the idea of Dracula." African tribe folklore talks about the Chitahuri / Zishwezi / Imbulu, a reptilian race that, according to Zulu shaman. Tritons of the greek mythology. Kekrops I, the first king of Athens Greece, was said to be half-man, half-snake.
Todo (note to self): Check 1) Roswell mortician Glenn Dennis story, describing the hands of the aliens: four fingers, very thin/delicate and the lower part of the arm under the ankle as longer 2) 3-fingered entity in Kecksburg (src: Stan Gordon) 3) Sgt. Clifford Stone recounting an investigation of a downed craft in 1969, he was told "if you see something strange, don't worry sometimes Soviets put 'monkeys' in their craft", "but those were not monkeys", 4) Ft.Dix McGuire 1978 alien shooting - "The skin of the unclad, hairless body was wet, shiny, and snake-like. The entity was about 4 feet in height with large head, slender torso, thin arms and legs, and overall, of grayish-brown coloration, strong smell of ammonia in the cold night air". 4) Kecksburg, USA 1965 acorn-shaped UFO landing where locals mentioned hearing a "scream" 5) Mr. Carlos Manuel Mercado, Puerto Rico Jun-1988. 6) Argentina 5-Jul-2000 police officer Miguel Angel Aguero. Kecksburg. Flatwoods "monster. "dead reptilian-like entity" @ Wheeling West Virginia. Mandurah, Western Australia in 1930. Mexico's flying humanoids (policeman Leonardo Samaniego Gallegos 2004 incident). Other encounters with "reptilian" humanoids around water: Peter Pond Lake, SK Canada 1977. Two policemen see reptoid @ beach in Rosarito, Baja California Mexico 28-Feb-2001 (related? same area 50 sheep found dead without any blood on 5-Mar-2001). Small (90cm) being w/ reptilian brown skin, seen several times @ Katerini (near mountain Olympus), Greece - 4 witnesses, Yiannis Ioannou Apr-2005. Sr. Carlos Manuel Mercado, Jul-1988 Puerto Rico. HC: #467, #1903, #2024, #3802, #3961, #2327, #3652, #1140, #1475, #2760, 1965-64, 1965-50, 1965-54. URECAT: #97. Also, think about connection between the white "gauze"-like covering of Caponi's being (photo #5) with "Michelin-man"-like encounters reported since 1950s.

"Alien abduction" link cases such as:
  • The Buff Ledge Abduction in 1968 (two teenagers abducted on the shores of Lake Champlain north of Burlington in Vermont): "The aliens all looked alike, Michael recalled, and had those large eyes, a mouth without lips, no ears, and two small openings for a nose." Michael also described the beings as having three pointed, web-like digits for fingers, and their bodies felt "damp and clammy." The aliens related to Michael that their mission was to "make life like ours...other places." The full story can be found in Walter N. Webb's book, "Encounter at Buff Ledge: A UFO Case History" and Webb @ MUFON 1995
  • Case of "Vicki Hoyle" Jan-1994 - see accompanying sketch and descriptions in MUFON Journal Oct/Nov-1999. (Note: flexed legs, as if partially crouching)
  • In Art Bell's C2C 27-Sep-2003 with David Jacobs and Budd Hopkinks, near the end @ 1hr48min, caller "Peggy" age 51 from Bloomington Indiana (note: near Monroe Lake), talks about vivid memories of "people" coming and "taking her away." "brown hooded, like robe all the way down to their feet, like one-piece garment. Lower bodies -thighs- heavier than upper bodies. Moved like knees permanently bent, instead of walking they more like shuffled and rolled(?) from side to side." "Door opened, little guy came-in, ugly, misshapen funny looking."
  • Story by "Jim G" London, UK relayed by Martin Jasek of UFO*BC. Although centered around "praying mantis"-type being, it also includes the description of two of another type: "hooded, 3ft tall, misshapen, slimy, with loose skin, bloated bellies, black shiny eyes and two holes for nose" more

Scientific speculation: In a "thought experiment" published in 1982 in the scientific journal Syllogeus by paleontologist Dr. Dale A. Russell, curator of vertebrate fossils at the National Museum of Canada in Ottawa, projected what the dinosaurs may have possibly evolved into, if they had survived the so called "extinction event" that took place 65 million years ago. He conjenctured that bipedal predators (theropods) which existed at that time, such as Stenonychosaurus / Troodon, would have evolved into intelligent beings similar in body plan to humans. Troodontids had semi-manipulative fingers, able to grasp and hold objects to a certain degree, and binocular vision. Like most dinosaurs of the troodontid family, this imaginary creature, which Russell called the "Dinosauroid" (picture), would have had large eyes and three fingers on each hand, one of which would have been partially opposed. As with most modern reptiles (and birds), its genitalia would have been internal.

Popular culture: There is some resemblance between the facial characteristics of "reptilian" alien and the well-known "E.T." in 1982 Spielberg's film. Some think this to be part of the long-term "acclimation" programme. more

Summary: This page is based on my personal cross-study of many UFO-related entity incident reports from different countries. Of the tens of photographs purporting to show "aliens", only the F. Caponi, Italy 1993 and J. Templeton, Solway Firth UK 1964 ones are in my opinion probably authentic. In this page I offer and explore the idea that the Caponi Italy 1993 and Varginha Brazil 1996 beings are the same species, are amphibians and consider possible links with water-dwelling entities in ancient literature (e.g. Oannes in Babyloniaca by Berossus) and folklore (e.g. Japan's Kappas, Africa's Dogon Nommos and folk beliefs of Australia's Warlpiri aboriginals), but also with the modern Latin America's "Chupacabras" and the more sinister "animal excision and exsanguination" phenomenon. Abduction link with cases like the "Encounter at Buff Ledge" 1968. The idea of water-dwelling beings also ties nicely into the link between UFOs and bodies of water, like lakes & rivers (covered in other pages of this website). And their nocturnal habits tie into the nocturnal character of UFOs.

Probably the most intriguing, puzzling, perplexing aspect of UFOnaut sighting reports is that virtually all are described as humanoid or, in some cases, human-like. Their behavior is usually described as elusive and evasive.

Contrary to the popular belief that sightings of UFO-related beings are extremely rare, researchers from MUFON's Humanoid Study Group (HSG) have compiled a long list of such cases - over 1600 different entity incidents. In the words of HSG co-chairman, physicist David Webb: "Many of the reports are well-documented, firsthand investigations involving credible witnesses."

An example of a CE3 case with "human" UFO-occupants observed by tens of witnesses, was reported by Reverend William Gill (1928-2007), while stationed in Papua New Guinea in 1959 (case details: theOZfiles / theOZfiles2, ufologie, nicap). Father Gill prepared a written report of the sighting and 25 witnesses co-signed it, including teachers and medical technicians. In the documents of the case Gill clearly states of the figures on the craft, "no doubt they are human". When Cruttwell probed for details, Gill indicated that the parts he could see "had the outlines of normal human beings". Watch father Gill's 1975 interview describing the event (duration 3.5min):

Dr. J. Allen Hynek (astronomy professor, who served for 21 years as the scientific consultant to USAF's UFO project), personally traveled to the Pacific island where the incident occurred and interviewed many of the 25 witnesses who co-signed father Gill's report; CUFOS' lead investigator astronomer Allan Hendry also interviewed 6 of the witnesses (audio-tapes available in CUFOS library).

For the purpose of this document, I have divided reports of UFO-related entities into 4 broad classes, based solely on how the aliens looked to the human observer, i.e., their phenotype:

  1. Human-like, further sub-divided in 3 types:
    1. "Nordics": like regular good-looking humans with fair complexion, blonde with blue eyes ("Nordics" = like northern-Europeans / Scandinavians). This type of UFO occupant is most intriguing, since it suggests that the human form is not native to Earth or that we may have common ancestors or that they are time-travellers.

      There are alleged contactees and abductees (e.g. Travis Walton) who have reported seeing these "aliens" operating together with other alien types. British Air Marshal Sir Peter Horsley (1921 - 2001), who once ran Britain's front line defence at RAF Strike Command and was a Buckingham Palace aide for six years, in his autobiography "Sounds From Another Room (1997)" talks about his conversation with a human-looking "alien" called "Mr Janus" in 1954 in a London flat. The meeting was set up by a retired General, who told him the "aliens" wanted to warn us of the perils of nuclear war.

    2. "giants" ("tall whites"?): tall >2m (up to 2.5m or 8ft) and slender with some differences (bigger eyes, fine "hair" covering their body and sometimes face) e.g. Col. Shaw CE3 25-Nov-1896 (and I've recently come across a similar description, from a CE3 with enlisted men in 2002, here in Greece). Apparently, this type of hairy beings are sometimes classed as "Bigfoot", although Bigfoot/Yeti/etc are most probably not UFO-related.
    3. "short non-Greys": "child-like" diminutive humans of exceedingly slight build, 0.9-1.2m (3-4ft) tall. Fair complexion, pale white skin. Proportionally large, bald head (no hair, eyebrows, eyelashes). Larger eyes, described as protruding / "bulging" (often reported dark, with large brown irises, with very little of the white part of the eye showing). Very small nose, tiny lipless mouth, face with high forehead, wide at eye level that thins abruptly at chin.

      Potentially relevant, "Starchild skull" (more, comparison). Watch 2min presentation by Lloyd Pye:

      In UFO lore, based on the Betty & Barney Hill abduction case, these beings supposedly originate from Zeta Reticuli (a binary star system about 39 light years away).
      Folklore: Similarity with "little people" (elves) of various folktales?

      FWIW, potentially relevant extract from disputed authenticity MJ12 SOM1-01 (could be disinfo):
      EBE Type I: These entities are humanoid and might be mistaken for human beings of the Oriental race if seen from a distance. They are bipedal, 3-5 feet 4 inches in height and weigh 50-100 pounds. Proportionally they are similar to humans, although the cranium is somewhat larger and more rounded. The skin is a pale, chalky-yellow in color, thick, and slightly pebbled in appearance. The eyes are small, wide-set, almond-shaped, with brownish-black irises with very large pupils. The whites of the eyes are not like that of humans, but have a pale gray cast. The ears are small and set low on the skull. The nose is thin and long, and the mouth is wider than in humans, and nearly lipless. There is no apparent facial hair and very little body hair, that being very fine and confined to the underarm and the groin area. The body is thin and without apparent body fat, but the muscles are well-developed. The hands are small, with four long digits but no opposite thumb. the outside digit is jointed in a manner as to be nearly opposable, and there is no webbing between the fingers as in humans. The legs are slightly but noticeably bowed, and the feet are somewhat splayed and proportionally large.
      Note: Confusion whether they are different from popularly known "Greys" (B.2 / EBE-Type-II).
  2. Humanoid: resembling morphologically a human being (body, head, two arms and two legs) but otherwise quite different ("monster", "midget" etc). Described as short 0.8-1.4m beings (see pictures and descriptions at column on the right):
    1. Amphibian / water-dwelling (a/k/a "reptilian") humanoid (e.g. incidents of Caponi, Italy 1993 and Varginha Brazil 1996). Height 0.70-1.2m (2.5-4ft). Skin is reported hairless wet/oily glistering brown reticulated, "like a frog", "damp and clammy", but not smooth skin: "bumpy", "big warts", "like extreme acne", "deformed", "ugly" (terms used by witnesses). Some sightings report them covered with brown hair. Large oval head, large almond-shaped eyes (jelly-like, no pupils, black or reddish depending on lighting conditions), no visible ears, two nostrils, slit for mouth (photo). Proportionally short arms, small palms with three (3) webbed claw-like fingers. Proportionally long strong legs, feet with 3 central toes and a "claw-like appendage". Walk upright, with legs flexed as if slightly crounching and arms held high ("praying mantis"-like). Folklore: Japan's "Kappa", mythology of Sumeria, Dogon Nommos etc.
      Possibly linked with "animal mutilation" phenomenon (exsanguination) and "Chupacabras". More details in the special section on the right-hand side of the page.
    2. "Greys": (MJ12 SOM101 EBE-Type-II), the type most often mentioned in USA, although not so in the rest of the world. Associated with "alien abductions", thought to be androids, i.e. "biological robots". Note: It's possible that there is confusion and in fact there is only one type, i.e. A.1.

      Alleged photo of small Grey Alien img (B.2 / EBE-Type-II). The original was apprently handed to UFO researcher Robert O. Dean (retired US Army Master Sergeant bio) in 1994, by a man representing himself as a Mexican policeman (Story of this photo)
      Grey alien Photo

      "Greys" are the modern stereotypical alien and their image has replaced "little green men" in popular culture. They represent 3/4ths of the aliens reported in USA (much higher % than in Europe) and are associated with the so-called "alien abduction phenomenon". In UFO abduction lore, Greys have "cookie-cutter" similarity to one another, and are portrayed as biogenetically engineered clones ("androids" a/k/a "biological robots") created to dutifully perform the alien abduction tasks.

      Typically, Greys are described as being approx. 1-1.2m (3.5-4ft) tall, with a weight of approx. 40 pounds. Grey (sometimes blue-grey / green-grey) skin. They have a bulbous, hairless head, large in proportion to their body, supported by a thin neck. Their face is dominated by large black eyes, without pupils. They have two nostrils, slit-like mouths and small ears lacking earlobes. Their body is thin and lacks muscular definition. Their legs are shorter and jointed differently than one would expect in a human. Their arms often reach down to their knees, and accounts give them three digits and a thumb on each hand.

      UFO researcher Leonard H. Stringfield (1920-1994), used a variety of sources, to build up a composite of the retrieved bodies from crashed UFOs (e.g. drawing). He said his most valuable sources were medical personnel, including at least two doctors who said they had participated in autopsies in the early 1950s. Stringfield presented his preliminary results at a MUFON symposium in 1978 and published 6 "Status Reports" in 1980s. Some descriptions seem to be that of the classic "Greys" (often mixed with the "short non-Greys" - ref: type A.1).

      Related: A CE3 and photo thought to be depicting a small green-grey alien is the case of former policeman Philip Spencer at Ilkley Moor, UK in 1987 (full story) [note: researchers consider this case highly questionable]

      Popular culture: In the 1977 movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" by Steven Spielberg, the aliens resemble the Greys.

      Related #2: FWIW the description of the bodies involved in the Roswell Jul-1947 incident, from the disputed testimony of Glenn Dennis (story):

      FWIW potentially relevant extract from MJ12 SOM1-01:
      EBE Type II: These entities are humanoid but differ from Type I in many respects. They are bi-pedal, 3 feet 5 inches - 4 feet 2 inches in height and weigh 25-50 pounds. Proportionally, the head is much larger than humans or Type I EBEs, the cranium being much larger and elongated. The eyes are very large, slanted, and nearly wrap around the side of the skull. They are black with no whites showing. There is no noticeable brow ridge, and the skull has a slight peak that runs over the crown. The nose consists of two small slits which sit high above the slit-like mouth. There are no external ears. The skin is a pale bluish-gray color, being somewhat darker on the back of the creature, and is very smooth and fine-celled. There is no hair on either the face of the body, and these creatures do not appear to be mammalian. The arms are long in proportion to the legs, and the hands have three long, tapering fingers and a thumb which is nearly as long as the fingers. The second finger is thicker than the others, but not as long as the index finger. The feet are small and narrow, and four toes are joined together with a membrane.
  3. Robotic includes cases such as the "Flatwoods monster Sep-1952"
  4. Exotic includes everything else, such as apparitional, ghost-like or holographic, shadows or mist creatures.
Another analysis is in e-Book Ufology Ch.8 Pilots & Passengers (1974) by James M. McCampbell

Online resources of UFO-occupant sightings (a/k/a CE3 = Close Encounters of 3rd Kind) include:

Many types of alien beings have been described in UFO reports and classified in taxonomic studies in books by:

Examples of stories of human-looking UFO aviators: UFO occupants seen near hospital, Canada 1970 (notice the "head encased in close-fitting dark material" comment by the nurse), then look at the Templeton, Solway Firth "spaceman" photo, England 1964. More similar cases include UFO with two occupants seen by Dorset UK woman, Sep-1977, Alien pan-cakes? Wisconsin, USA 1961.

More recently, tens of african schoolchildren see landed UFO and occupant Sep-1994 (interviewed by the late John Mack, Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Med.School):

Two recent cases of CE3 with "reptilian"-like (amphibian?) entities are the

FWIW, Robert O. Dean (who has made some rather extravagant claims on occasion), retired US Army Master Sergeant, tells the story of a 3yr investigation of UFOs/ETs by NATO/SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe) between 1961-1964, resulting in a "COSMIC TOP SECRET"-classified Report "Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to Allied Forces in Europe", which stated that:

"the planet Earth and human race had been the subject of a detailed survey of some kind by several different extra-terrestrial civilizations, four of which they had identified visually. One race looked almost indistinguishable from us (also referred to as "Nordics", because they resemble northern Europeans, blonde hair, blue eyes etc). Another resembled humans in height, stature, and structure, but with a very gray, pasty skin tone. The third race is now popularly known as the greys (see EBE-Type-II below), and the fourth was described as reptilian, with vertical pupils and lizard-like skin (see EBE-Type-I below)" more

If UFOnauts are indeed basically human or humanoid as so many report, then this raises all sorts of questions about the type of link between us and them: a common biological origin with homo sapiens is a significant possibility.

Speculations to explain human-looking UFOnauts, include:

A lot of these speculations are citing ancient mythology of various countries (Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, African, South American etc).

The alternative would be parallel convergent evolution given similar environments on other planets, produced humanoid (body, 2 arms, 2 legs, a head with 2 eyes and mouth) entities, as some scientists suggest:

"E.T. May Look Just Like Us."

"Forget all those fanciful Hollywood notions about the bizarre appearance of extra-terrestrial beings. E.T., if he or she exists, actually may look much like an ordinary human being. That is the conclusion of an international authority on the origins of life who has reported the first scientific evidence that life may be fundamentally similar throughout the universe.

'When we do land on a planet some where some day, don't be surprised if somebody walks up to shake your hand.' Dr. Cyril Ponnamperuma said."

Quote from Blade Tribune Newspaper, September 17, 1986
Ponnamperuma (bio) was director of the University of Maryland's Laboratory of Chemical Evolution. The lab has pioneered research on how life might have originated from spontaneous chemical reactions among chemicals that existed on earth billions of years ago.

Or panspermia:

Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe and colleagues at the University's Centre for Astrobiology have long argued the case for panspermia - the theory that life began inside comets and then spread to habitable planets across the galaxy.

The Cardiff team suggests that radioactive elements can keep water in liquid form in comet interiors for millions of years, making them potentially ideal "incubators" for early life. They also point out that the billions of comets in our solar system and across the galaxy contain far more clay than the early Earth did. The researchers calculate the odds of life starting on Earth rather than inside a comet at one trillion trillion (10 to the power of 24) to one against.

Professor Wickramasinghe said: "The findings of the comet missions, which surprised many, strengthen the argument for panspermia. We now have a mechanism for how it could have happened. All the necessary elements - clay, organic molecules and water - are there. The longer time scale and the greater mass of comets make it overwhelmingly more likely that life began in space than on earth."

MJ12 SOM1-01 Controversy The MJ12 (MAJIC) SOM1-01 document supposedly printed 1954 covers two different "Extraterrestrial Biological Entities" (EBE-Type-I "short non-Greys" and EBE-Type-II "Greys"). The authenticity of MJ12 SOM1-01 document is questionable, see Joint statement that SOM101 is hoaxed. On the other hand, Dr.Wood has studied this one extensively and their Website rates it with their highest rating of confidence for authenticity, as suggested in the following presentation (Xcon 2005):

Not all people who have studied the UFO phenomenon agree that it has extraterrestrial origin with "nuts and bolts" UFO craft and "flesh and bones" extraterrestrials. Ufologist Jacques Vallee's opposition to the ETH (Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis) is summarised in his paper, "Five Arguments Against the Extraterrestrial Origin of Unidentified Flying Objects," Journal of Scientific Exploration, 1990:

"Scientific opinion has generally followed public opinion in the belief that unidentified flying objects either do not exist (the "natural phenomena hypothesis") or, if they do, must represent evidence of a visitation by some advanced race of space travellers (the extraterrestrial hypothesis or "ETH"). It is the view of the author that research on UFOs need not be restricted to these two alternatives. On the contrary, the accumulated data base exhibits several patterns tending to indicate that UFOs are real, represent a previously unrecognized phenomenon, and that the facts do not support the common concept of "space visitors." Five specific arguments articulated here contradict the ETH:
  1. unexplained close encounters are far more numerous than required for any physical survey of the earth;
  2. the humanoid body structure of the alleged "aliens" is not likely to have originated on another planet and is not biologically adapted to space travel;
  3. the reported behavior in thousands of abduction reports contradicts the hypothesis of genetic or scientific experimentation on humans by an advanced race;
  4. the extension of the phenomenon throughout recorded human history demonstrates that UFOs are not a contemporary phenomenon; and
  5. the apparent ability of UFOs to manipulate space and time suggests radically different and richer alternatives."
Src: JSE Volume 4: Number 1: Article 9
Since 1990s Vallee seems to be advancing the radical view that UFOs are paranormal in nature and a modern space age manifestation of a phenomenon which assumes different guises in different historical contexts. He thinks the UFO phenomenon is indication that our universe is a subset of something else.

Keep in mind Charles Fort's quote:

"The Earth is a farm. We are someone else's property".
Alien hoaxes / fake alien pictures

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