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Literature about UFO / UAP and ETI / ETV

Aarhus Denmark 2004 UFO CGI

Illustration of cigar-shaped UFO over Aarhus Denmark in 2004. CGI re-creation by the witness who is a 3D graphics professional (his identity is known to me, but he asked for anonymity) bigger picture

Witness story:
"About 5 years ago I was at home in Aarhus, Denmark, expecting a visit from a friend. There's a buzz at the doorphone, and I go out to let him in. But I can hear he's not opening the door downstairs, so I stick my head out of the window to see what's up. My friend is standing downstairs alright and I ask him why he doesn't come in. He just pointed up and said "look at that!" And there above the houses this big metal-tube was silently floating across the street... It was actually flying this low - about 20-25 meters over the street. It was there for a few minutes, it just floated across the street and disappeared behind the house you see in the picture.
Reports of cylindrical / "fuselage" (torpedo, cigar, rocket) shaped UFOs go back many decades. In 1953, the US Air Force contracted Battelle Institute to perform a study of 3201 UFO sightings recorded between 1947 and 1952; 5.2% were rocket-like (see Project Blue Book Special Report No. 14, page 197, tables A140-A146). NICAP's "UFO Evidence" (1964) Section XII, reports that 8.3% of the UFO sightings recorded between 1942-1963 were cylindrical. More recently, NUFORC lists over 900 reports of cylindrical UFOs more

Sometimes both ends of the cylinder are abrupt i.e. don't taper off, like "oil barrell" or "coke-can" (e.g. Colares Brazil 1977), othertimes one end is pointed and the UFO is bullet-shaped. Large cigar-shaped UFOs are often reported to be surrounded by a luminous "foggy haze" or cloud. Cigars may have luminous "portholes" / "windows" emitting light along their length. Large cigars may also have one or more "rings" / "stripes" / "bands" of different color around them.

Earlier reports of a giant cigars, width about 1/6th of their length, include a sighting on 28-Nov-1942 during WWII raid on Turin Italy by a crew of a Lancaster (src: official British Royal Air Force files), the "ghost rockets" of the summer of 1946 (primarily in Sweden, about 2000 "ghost rocket" sightings were logged between May and December 1946, with peaks on the 9 and 11 August 1946) and the 8-Jan-1956 at Weddell Sea Antarctica by 4 scientists from Chile estim. 450ft (137m) long and 75ft (22m) in diameter.

Videos of cylindrical UFOs surrounded by luminous white or straw-colored haze: Krasnodar Russia 1990, Salida CO USA by Tim Edwards 27-Aug-1995, Satipo Peru 29-Jun-2000 by "Forever Rock Band"; with dark "band(s)": Roma Italy 6-May-2004, Sanremo Italy 29-Sep-2009, Ukraine 23-Jun-2008, Tennessee 2009, Milpitas CA USA 13-Mar-2008, Saratoga County NY USA Jun-2010, Gulf Breeze FL USA 1997. See snapshots of cigar UFO videos.

Below: Sketch of cylindrical UFO and "entities" observed by military personell near Colares in 1977 during Operação Prato ("Operation Saucer" in English). Taken from the declassified files of Brazilian Airforce. More on the Colares UFO flap ufologie wiki

Brazil Colares UFO sketch

Maldonado Peru 1952 UFO Photo

Puerto Maldonado, Peru 1952 a strange "fat fuselage" shaped object with trail, published in a newspaper on 19-Jul-1952. Enlarged photo: p1, p2.

Story: The attention of Customs Inspector Sr. Domingo Troncoso was called to a very strange flying object over the river area. The big dirigible-shaped craft was flying horizontally and fairly low in the sky, passing from right to left from the observers position. It was leaving a dense trail of thick smoke, vapor, or substance on its wake. The object was estimated to be over a hundred feet long. Case file: ufocasebook, ufoevidence, ufologie

Note: AFAIK there are conflicting dates for this photo in FOTOCAT - but if it was taken in Jul-1952, one should note it coincides with the major UFO wave of that period (between 13-July and 29-July of 1952), reportedly the biggest UFO wave on record, when UFOs also flew over Washington, DC. More in our UFO summary and essential reading page.

Note2: The case file makes reference to a thick trail left by the UFO. There are several cases where a white and fibrous substance, known as "angel hair", was left by the UFO.
August 19, 1998 - Associated Press

Twenty UFOs, described as "shiny silver spheres," flew over a number of farms near Quirindi, New South Wales, Australia last weekend, littering the ground with cobweb-like filaments called "angel hair." According to USA Today, "Residents of a small Australian community swear that they saw cobwebs fall from the sky after UFOs passed overhead. Dozens of residents of Quirindi called Australia's National UFO Hotline after the incident." According to the Tamworth, N.S.W. North Daily Leader, "Mrs. E. Stansfield, 61 years (old), said that she saw cobwebs falling from the sky. She saw twenty silver balls which passed overhead.

When she went out to her daughter, she too was covered in fine strands of cobweb. When she tried to pick it up, it disintegrated in her hand. The family car had cobwebs all over it." The incident took place at 5:04 p.m. on Sunday, August 9, 1998. Quirindi is just north of the Liverpool mountain range, about 70 kilometers (42 miles) southwest of Tamworth, N.S.W. and 300 kilometers (180 miles) northwest of Sydney. Australian researcher Raymond Brooks reported that the "various craft" performed aerobatic maneuvers over the farms "for 1.5 hours, including the release of 'angel hair.'
More: ozfiles

Related: The UFO that Bruce Fenstermacher saw in 1976 near Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming was shaped like "a pregnant cigar" (src: UFOs-Nukes press event 27-Sep-2010).

Related #2: A fiery silvery fat-"fuselage" / dirigible UFO was observed by NASA aeronautical engineer Paul R. Hill. It was Hill's second sighting and occurred in 1962, while being driven in a car in traffic. The time was about 4:00 p.m. and a storm was clearing. A heavy cloud layer with a bottom at 3000-4000 feet lay over Hampton Roads and the lower end of Chesapeake Bay. Hill would later use the cloud layer data to calculate the acceleration and final velocity of the object.

Looking out over the southern end of Chesapeake Bay, Hill said he was "surprised to see a fat aluminum- or metallic-colored 'fuselage' nearly the size of a small freighter, but shaped more like a 'dirigible'." It was maybe 1000 feet high, moving maybe 100 miles an hour, and several miles away over the Bay. At one point its orientation showed him it was round in cross-section. Hill kept looking for a wing or a tail section, but didn't see any. The big dirigibles that used to be at Langley Field had long since disappeared, and it was too cylindrical and long to be something like the Goodyear blimp. However, blimp origins soon became academic. Hill said that after a few minutes:
" began to accelerate very rapidly and at the same time emit a straw-yellow, or pale flame-colored wake or plume, short at first but growing in length as the speed increased until it was nearly as long as the object. Also, when it started to accelerate it changed from a level path to an upward slanting path, making an angle of about 5 degrees to the horizontal. It passed us going at an astounding speed. It disappeared into the cloud layer. in what I estimated to be four seconds after the time it began to accelerate. The accelerating distance was measured by car odometer to be 5 miles."
From this information, Hill again calculated an acceleration (linear instead of angular) of about 100 times earth gravity, and a speed when disappearing into the cloud layer of about 8900 miles an hour. Hill added that, "...just as astounding as the performance figures was the silent operation. Not a sound was heard." (Hill, 174-176)

Rex Heflin, Santa Ana California 1965 UFO Photo

UFO sighting in Plutarch's "Parallel Lives"? Plutarch (46-120 CE), Greek historian, philosopher and biographer, born in Chaeronea in Boeotia. He was educated in Athens and is believed to have traveled to Egypt and Italy and to have lectured in Rome on moral philosophy.

Best known are Plutarch's "Parallel Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans" usually simply known as "Lives", a series of 46 biographies of Greek and Roman statesmen.

In "Lucullus" [bio of Lucius Licinius Lucullus (ca. 118-56 BC) a consul of ancient Rome], a part during the Mithridatic wars reads like a large, fiery silvery oval-shaped object doing a low-pass over the area between the two opposing camps, just as they were about to engage in battle. Original text:
"αλλ’ εξαίφνης του αέρος υπορραγέντος, ώφθη μέγα σώμα φλογοειδές εις μέσον των στρατοπέδων καταφερόμενον, το μεν σχήμα πίθω μάλιστα, την δε χρόαν αργύρω διαπύρω προσεοικός, ώστε δείσαντες αμφοτέρους το φάσμα διακριθήναι, τούτο μεν ουν φάσιν εν Φρυγία περί τας λεγομένας Οτρύας συμβήναι το πάθος"
Since I'm a native speaker of Greek, I should note that in the original text version above, the object is said to be shaped like a "pithari" i.e. oval, and to come down between the two armies. The object is not said to crash into the ground, and there is no reference to either noise or explosion.

The translation into English by poet John Dryden (1631-1700), offered at all academic sites I checked, reads quite differently:
"In the very instant before joining battle, without any perceptible alteration preceding, on a sudden the sky opened, and a large luminous body fell down in the midst between the armies, in shape like a hogshead, but in colour like melted silver, insomuch that both armies in alarm withdrew. This wonderful prodigy happened in Phrygia, near Otryae". -- src
Summary: This page offers a list of 100+ articles, papers and monographs about UFOs / UAPs published in professional journals and specialty publications. Two polls of professional & amateur astronomers respectively, on whether they see UFOs or not. Finally 60+ PhD dissertations and academic publications about UFOs. Very little peer-reviewed literature has been published in which academics have proposed, studied or supported non-prosaic explanations for UFOs. Nevertheless, UFOs as a cultural phenomenon continues to be the subject of academic research (UFOs are typically portrayed as a silly pop-culture obsession, as opposed to the science of SETI). If you are looking for popular UFO books, please visit the UFO documents and books page.

Glossary: ETI = Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, ETV = Extra Terrestrial Visitation, UAP = Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (a broader and more neutral alternative to the term UFO, which in many countries has become synonymous with "alien spacecraft" and "extraterrestrials"). [Note: [R]= suggested reading - non-technical]

Some scientists contend that humanity is by design kept unaware of what is happening around us, much like gorillas in a wildlife preserve park, known as the "Zoo hypothesis":

"Recently astrophysicist Ken Olum at Tufts University argued (src) that anthropic reasoning applied to inflation theory predicts that we should find ourselves part of a large, galaxy-sized civilization, implying that the "We are alone" solution to Fermi's paradox is inconsistent with our best current theory of cosmology. Beatriz Gato-Rivera, a physicist at the Instituto de Matematicas y Fisica in Madrid, followed up on this (src) with the hypothesis that Olum is correct, but that by design we would be kept unaware of a greatly advanced surrounding civilization. She also argues that modern superstring and M-brane theory further aggravate Fermi's "missing alien" problem.

It is quite strange that while our best modern physics and astrophysics theories thus predict that we should be experiencing extraterrestrial visitation, any possible evidence of such in the form of a subset of UFO reports is ignored or ridiculed."
-- astrophysicist Bernard Haisch, Ph.D., referring to Inflation Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation (.PDF) paper by J. Deardorff, B. Haisch, B. Maccabee and H.E. Puthoff, in Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol 58, pp. 43-50, 2005.

Papers about UFO / UAP available on-line (reverse chronologically, most recent first):

Astronomer Polls There have been several public opinion polls in US and Canada, which have shown that 7-9% of the people think they have seen a UFO and almost 50% think UFOs are real -over the years the percentage has ranged from 35% to 57%, the highest was in a Gallup poll of May 1978. However, scoffers often counter-argued that astronomers, who are presumably more knowledgeable about observing and evaluating the skies than the general public, do not see UFOs. The following two polls of professional & amateur astronomers respectively, suggest otherwise.

EDITORIAL by Dr. J. Allen Hynek "The reliable (UFO) cases are uninteresting and the interesting cases are unreliable. Unfortunately, there are no cases that are both reliable and interesting." So has written my astronomer colleague, Dr. Carl Sagan, in his book, "Other Worlds." Much of course depends on those two words "interesting" and "reliable", but persons who have made a serious study of the UFO problem will testify that there are indeed some UFO reports that are both interesting and reliable, even when those two words are not used lightly. Support for this statement has come rather unexpectedly from both professional and amateur astronomers. Two independent surveys, one of professional astronomers made by Dr. Sturrock of Stanford University (see feature article in this issue), and of amateur astronomers made by Mr. Gert Herb of the Center for UFO Studies, have brought to light some very interesting UFO sightings made by members of these groups. I must therefore differ with my colleague Dr. Sagan: there are indeed UFO reports which are both interesting and reliable. By UFO reports here we mean reports the contents of which do not submit to logical explanation. I must also differ with the oft-made statement that "astronomers never see UFOs". Apparently, they do and have, and they are just as puzzled as ordinary mortals are. Whoever sees such puzzling sights should not have to wait for a formal survey by questionnaire, but should contribute his data for the benefit of science. They present us with a paradox and, as our masthead repeatedly proclaims, "There is no hope of advance in science without a paradox". It is the things that "don't fit" that lead to breakthroughs.


UFO periodicals

Professional journals articles about UFO / UAP published between 1965-1995 (grouped per publication / journal, then alphabetically per author):

Academic publications about UFOs. There are several PhDs on UFOs, but nearly all dismissed out of hand the notion that UFOs could be genuinely anomalous in nature. Following established trends, and more so in recent decades, academics often treated UFOs as a psycho-social phenomenon, i.e. a modern space-age mythology and sought to explain UFO close encounters as culturally shaped hallucinations and visionary experiences. Generally speaking, academics who embraced psycho-social theories came mostly from the humanities and social sciences backgrounds, had little interest in empirical science as such and didn't concern themselves much with the evidence associated with UFO reports (e.g. radar/visuals, CE2s). Nearly all defined UFOs as what clueless individuals think they see and, beyond that, what UFO "contactees" talk about, i.e. they usually did not discriminate between outlandish claims and those others considered credible.

Below is a (most probably incomplete) list [todo: find PhDs in German].

  1. Dewayne B. JOHNSON:
    Flying Saucers - Fact or Fiction?
    Master of Arts and Journalism Dissertation, University of California at Los Angeles, Aug-1950, 348 pages
  2. Donald CARPENTER:
    Plasma Theory Applied to Ball Lightning
    Iowa State University of Science and Technology, 1962, 123 pages
  3. Ronald DUTTON:
    An Analysis of Unidentified Flying Objects
    Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, 1967, 60 pages
  4. John R. KING:
    The UFO Problem: Time for a Reassessment
    Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, 1968, 130 pages
  5. Darrell STANLEY:
    UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life
    Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, 1968, 59 pages
  6. Herbert Joseph STRENZ:
    [R] An Analysis of Press Coverage of Unidentified Flying Objects 1947-1966
    Journalism PhD Dissertation, Northwestern University, 1970, 355 pages
    [Note: Dr Strenz collected and examined about 10,000 newspaper clippings about UFOs for his PhD dissertation, material later donated to Sign Historical Group (SHG), an association of scholars and researchers aiming to preserve UFO history]
  7. Jerry STROH:
    The UFO Debate is Still Alive
    Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, 1971, 81 pages
  8. David SHEA:
    The UFO Phenomenon: A Study in Public Relations
    Thesis, University of Denver, 1972, 233 pages
  9. Michael Kelly SCHUTZ:
    Organisational Goals and Support-Seeking Behaviour: A Comparative Studie of Social Movement Organizations in the UFO (Flying Saucer) Field (448 pages)
    Northwestern University, 1973, 448 pages
  10. David M. JACOBS:
    [R] The Controversy over Unidentified Flying Objects in America: 1896-1973
    University of Wisconsin in Madison, PhD, 1973, 377 pages
    [The UFO Controversy in America Thesis, Indiana University Press, 1975]
  11. William BRUMMETT & Ernest ZUICK:
    Should the Air Force Reopen Project Blue Book ?
    Graduate Faculty of Auburn University, 1974, 109 pages
  12. Paul McCARTHY:
    [R] Politicking and Paradigm Shifting: James E. McDonald and the UFO Case Study full text
    Ph.D. in political sciences, University of Hawaii, 1975, 303 pages
  13. Everett R. WALTER:
    The Study of Unidentified Flying Objects and its Adoption Within the Community College Curriculum
    Nova University, 1977, 125 pages
  14. Steven James. DICK:
    Plurality of Worlds and Natural Philosophy: An Historical Study of the Origins of Belief in other Worlds and Extraterrestrial Life
    Indiana University, Indiana, USA, 1977
  15. Michel MARCUS:
    Analyse statistique des rapports d'observation d'OVNI
    Universite Paris VII, 1980
  16. Bradley Earl AYERS:
    The UFO Experience and Its Effect Upon Human Conciousness
    Heed University, Hollywood, Florida, 1980
  17. Thomas Eddie BULLARD:
    [R] Mysteries in the Eye of the Beholder: UFOs and Their Correlates as a Folkloric Theme Past and Present
    Indiana University, PhD, 1982, 608 pages
  18. Lise VINCENT:
    Contribution a l'etude de la vie associative : le cas de deux associations scientifiques montpellieraines
    Universite Paul Valery, Sociology, 1983
  19. Bernard MIRANDE:
    Les O.V.N.I. et les E.T. dans les reves
    Universite Paul Valery, Clinical Psychology, 1983
  20. Peter Michael ROJCEWICZ:
    The Boundaries of Orthodoxy: A Folkloric Look at the "UFO Phenomenon"
    University of Pennsylvania, PhD in Folklore, 1984, 738 pages
  21. Shirley McIVER:
    "The UFO Movement: A Sociological Study of UFO Groups"
    M.A. Thesis in Sociology, University of York, 1985
  22. Persis Banvard CLARKSON:
    The archaeology and geoglyphs of Nazca, Peru, or The extraterrestrial foundations of Andean civilization
    University of Calgary, Canada, 1985
  23. June Ottilie PARNELL:
    Personality and Characteristics on the MMPI, 16 PF and ACL of Persons Who Claim UFO Experiences
    University of Wyoming, 1986, 110 pages
  24. Roberto Enrique BANCHS:
    Psicoaxiosociologia del fenomeno OVNI
    PhD in Social Psychology
    Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1986
  25. Linda Jean MILLIGAN:
    The UFO Debate: A Study of Contemporary Legend
    Ohio State University, PhD in Folklore, 1988, 624 pages
  26. Veronique GALZY et Solveig LETORT:
    OVNI : un tabou scientifique ?
    Universite Paul Valery, Sociology, 1988
  27. Robert Pearson FLAHERTY:
    Flying Saucers and the New Angelology: Mythic Projections of the Cold War and the Convergence of Opposites
    UCLA, 1990, 726 pages
  28. Pierre LAGRANGE:
    L'archipel arnoldien. Les premieres controverses sur l'existence des soucoupes volantes aux Etats-Unis
    Sociology, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, 1990
  29. Frederic van VLODORP:
    La vague belge d'observations d'OVNI vue par la presse ecrite francophone en 1989-1991 : etude thematique et regard critique
    Faculte de Philosophie et Lettres de l'Universte Liege, 1992
  30. Patricia Ann CROSS:
    A Social Psychological Investigation of UFO Sighters
    Carleton University PhD, 1992, 239 pages
  31. Scott Richard MANDELKER:
    From Elsewhere: An Examination of Extraterrestrial Identity
    PhD, Cultural Anthropology, California Institute of Integral Studies, 1992, 183 pages
  32. Jo Stone CARMEN:
    Personality Characteristics and Self-Identified Experiences of Individuals Reporting Possible Abduction by Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)
    United States International University, 1992
  33. Linda KERTH:
    Pictorial Memory and UFO Phenomena: How Reliable is Eyewitness Testimony ?
    PhD, Psychology, Faculty of Rosebridge Graduate School, 1994, 234 pages
  34. Manuel JIMENEZ:
    Temoignage OVNI et psychologie de la perception
    Universite Paul Valery, Psychology, 1994
  35. Maureen BRADLEY:
    Specters of war: An analysis of ghost stories and other stories of the occult set in the American Civil War
    University of Hawaii at Manoa MA, 1994
  36. Cynthia SCHRAGER:
    Both sides of the veil: Psychology, the occult and American realism
    University of California, Berkeley, PhD, 1995
  37. Derek Michael DONOVAN:
    Angels and Extraterrestrials in Contemporary Dramatic and Filmic Literature
    Stephen F. Austin State University, 1995
  38. Duncan DAY:
    Psychological correlates of the UFO abduction experience: the role of beliefs and indirect suggestions on abduction accounts obtained during hypnosis
    Concordia University (Canada) PhD, 1998
  39. Jodi DEAN:
    Aliens in America: Conspiracy Cultures from Outer Space to Cyberspace
    Cornell University, 1998
  40. Richard BLANN:
    The Roswell Incident: The Emergence of the UFO Community as a Subculture in America
    Brandeis University, 1998
  41. Brenda DENZLER:
    PhD, Religion, Duke University, 1998, 474 pages
    [R] The lure of the edge: scientific passions, religious beliefs, and the pursuit of UFOs - googlebooks, University of California Press, 2001
  42. Serge BENSIMON:
    Experiences Ovniologiques: Influences des Medias Cinematographiques et Correlats de la Personnalite Fantasque et des Dimensions de la Conscience
    M.Ps, Psychologie, Universite Laval, 1998, 106 pages
  43. Richard BLANN:
    The Roswell Incident: The Emergence of the UFO Community as a Subculture in America
    Senior Honors Thesis, Brandeis University, 1998, 228 pages
  44. George RONNEVIG:
    Alien Abductions: Historiske og Sosiokulturelle Tilnaerminger til Forestillinger om ha Vaert Bortfort av UFO
    Institute for Cultural Studies, University of Oslo, 1999, 130 pages
  45. David LOQUIER:
    Le mythe des enlevements extraterrestres, memoire de maitrise d'anglais
    Universite Michel-de-Montaigne Bordeaux III
  46. Diana Palmer HOYT:
    [R] UFOCRITIQUE: UFOs, Social Intelligence, and the Condon Committee PDF, PDF2
    Thesis, MSc in Science and Tech Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2000, 129 pages
  47. David M. JACOBS (editor):
    [R] Book "UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge" compilation of scholarly essays
    University Press of Kansas, 2000
    1. Stuart APPELLE: Ufology and Academia: The UFO Phenomenon as a Scholarly Discipline, pp. 7-30
    2. Ron WESTRUM: Limited Access: Six Natural Scientists and the UFO Phenomenon, pp. 31-55
    3. Don DONDERI: Science, Law and War: Alternative Frameworks for the UFO Evidence, pp. 56-81
    4. Michael SWORDS: UFOs, the Military and the early Cold War era, pp. 82-121
    5. Jerome CLARK: The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis in the Early UFO Age, pp. 122 - 140
    6. Thomas Eddie BULLARD: UFOs: Lost in the Myths, pp. 141 - 191
    7. David M. JACOBS: The UFO abduction controversy in the US, pp. 192-214
    8. Budd HOPKINS: Hypnosis and the investigation of UFO abduction accounts, p. 215-240
    9. John MACK: How the alien abduction phenomenon challenges the boundaries of our reality, pp. 241-261
    10. Michael PERSINGER: The UFO Experience: A normal correlate of human brain function, pp. 262-302
    11. David JACOBS: Research Directions, pp. 303-310
  48. Julien WINKEL:
    La presse OVNI : une etude de la presse specialisee dans les Objets Volants Non-Identifies
    Universite Libre de Bruxelles, 2000
  49. Isabelle CAVE:
    Les joutes oratoires des ufologues en cette fin du XXe siecle
    Universite de Haute-Bretagne - Rennes II, 2000
  50. Stefan ISAKSSON:
    New Religious UFO Movements: Extraterrestrial Salvation in Contemporary America
    Directed Reading Assignment, California State University, Fresno, 2000, 85 pages
  51. Anne Boyle CROSS:
    A Confederacy of Faith and Fact: UFO Research and the Search for Other Worlds
    PhD, Sociology, Yale University, 2000, 226 pages
  52. Andres ZLOTSKY:
    Supposed Science, Alleged Fiction Distortion Patterns in the Transmission of Cultural Paradigms in the Twentieth Century
    PhD, Philosophy, State University of New York, 2000, 391 pages
  53. Timothy A. MITCHELL:
    It Came from Inner Space: Faith, Science, Conquest and the War of the Worlds
    Georgetown University, 2001
  54. Jean-Michel ABRASSART:
    Approche sociopsychologique du phenomene O.V.N.I.
    Universite Catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve), 2001, 158 pages
  55. Alan GREENHALGH:
    Social Constructionist, Psychological, and Official Theories of UFOs
    MA, Humanities, California State University, Dominguez Hills, 2002, 100 pages
    UFO and Alien Encounter Narrative: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
    MA, Charleton University, 2002, 117 pages
  57. Krista HENRIKSEN:
    Alien Encounters: A Close Analysis of Personal Accounts of Extraterrestrial Experiences
    MA, Sociology, Simon Fraser University, 2002, 89 pages
  58. Kelly S. ROUBO:
    Pop Culture and the UFO Narrative: Who's Buying It, Who's Selling It and Who's Not Telling It?
    MA, Folklore, Utah State University, 2002, 80 pages
  59. Timothy CORRELL:
    'Away with the fairies': Wise folk, healing, and the Otherworld in Irish oral narrative and belief
    University of California at Los Angeles PhD, 2003
  60. David HINSON:
    Comparing stories of extraterrestrials with stories of fairies.
    University of North Carolina, Asheville, 2003, 68 pages
  61. Ignacio GARCIA:
    Valores Simbolos y Representaciones en una Experiencia de Contacto Extraterrestre el Groupo Aztlan
    Universidad Complutense, Madrid, 2003, 88 pages
  62. Tayah HANSON:
    The 'Rael' World: Narratives of the Raelian Movement
    University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, 2005
  63. Jeremy MOREL:
    Mon dieu un OVNI. Du phenomene ovni a ses derives religieuses, en France de 1950 a nos jours.
    Universite Jean Moulin, Lyon 2005
  64. Zoe COUACAUD:
    How the alien invaded the American mind: a history of experts, entrepreneurs, story-tellers, and a love of the alien in modern American culture
    University of Sydney PhD, 2006
  65. Dean BERTRAM:
    Flying Saucer Culture: An Historical Survey of American UFO Belief
    University of Sydney PhD, 2006
  66. Susan Claudia LEPSELTER:
    The flight of the ordinary: narrative, poetics, power and UFOs in the American uncanny
    University of Texas at Austin PhD, 2006
  67. Jessica MOBERG:
    Nar de Flygande Tefaten Landade I Folkhemmet
    2006, 82 pages
  68. Jan BOYER:
    UFO Myth and Theosophy
    MA, Religious Studies, Norway Techno-Natural Science University, 2007, 102 pages
  69. Martin PLOWMAN:
    High Strangeness: A Lacanian Cultural History of UFO's and UFOlogy
    University of Melbourne, Dept. English and Cultural Studies, 2007
  70. Eirik SAETHRE:
    [R] Close encounters: UFO beliefs in a remote Australian Aboriginal community (2007) PDF
    Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 13(4), 901-915
    UFOs, Otherness, and Belonging: Identity in Remote Aboriginal Australia (2007) PDF

    Abstract: Although UFOs, flying saucers, and extraterrestrials are traditionally considered to be concepts associated with the 'West', indigenous people are also familiar with these ideas. In a remote Aboriginal community in Central Australia, Warlpiri residents regularly sight and discuss UFOs. In addition to reflecting attributes of extraterrestrials found in film and television portrayals, Warlpiri descriptions of 'the aliens' also emphasize an involvement with the environment, local cosmological themes, and the engagement between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. Consequently, Warlpiri UFO narratives are one way in which the boundedness of, and interplay between, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal realms can be explored.

    Excerpt (p.10):

    The aliens were considered to frequent areas in which water sources were more prevalent. During the wet season when water sources increased, so too did the number of reported UFO sightings. Once the rains began each year, Warlpiri residents cautioned Aboriginal people from other regions as well as non-Aboriginal people not to drive at night, lest they encounter a UFO. A group of Aboriginal people from Darwin chose to spend the night along the road instead of driving to the community after the sun set. In the dry season, UFOs are also seen but often in areas with permanent water sources. South of the community lies a region known for its hills, which collect water in several rock pools. The number of encounters were higher here because, as Mark (33), a Warlpiri man, commented, 'the aliens want [water]. There is a lot of [water] in [the region]'. UFOs were usually portrayed as spaceships inhabited by beings in search of water, who were interested in little else.
    (Note: Back in Oct-2007, I started investigating the idea that at least some UFO occupants are water-dwelling / amphibian beings and also tied it with folklore and mythology around the world. More in my UFO occupants page.)
  71. Alexander WENDT & Raymond DUVALL:
    [R] Sovereignty and the UFO full text
    Political Theory, Volume 36, Number 4, pages 607-633, 2008

    Abstract: Why it is that modern states do not take Unidentified Flying Objects seriously? Wendt and Duvall offer what they call an 'epistemology of UFO ignorance' to explain why modern states systematically resist the notion that extraterrestrial life forms might both exist and travel to earth. They emphasized their militant agnosticism about whether UFOs really are extra-terrestrial, saying that they are interested only in how and why the ignorance is maintained.

    If academics' first responsibility is to tell the truth, then the truth is that after 60 years of modern UFOs, human beings still have no idea what they are, and are not even trying to find out. That should surprise and disturb us, and cast doubt on the structure of rule that requires and sustains it.
  72. Jaakko NARVA:
    UFO-experiences and ufology as a religious phenomena
    Thesis, University of Helsinki 2008

Generic scientific literature about ETI / ETV (chronologically):

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