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List of UFO Forums and mailing-lists

Summary: In a Web 2.0+ world, many people believe that all the action is in blogs, podcasts, RSS, etc. It's true that a lot of good discussion happens on blogs, but there are also gems to be found from reading forums. Typically the most informed and on-topic discussions take place in semi-private mailing-lists run by and for UFO researchers. Next are pre-moderated lists. The "signal-to-noise ratio" at UFO forums used by the general public can vary widely, but even in the high-traffic forums one can still find insightful posts. You may still want to check the UFO blogs and UFO podcasts pages.

Web-forums A quick glance at the list of recent topics discussed gives one a good idea of what people are excited about. What happens quite often, is that people who have had a UFO sighting will do a Google search and end up posting a UFO report on-line, often to one of these forums. I have seen interesting UFO reports from countries as diverse as Denmark, Lithuania and Uganda. In a 2008 interview, British pop-star Robbie Williams said he spent much time at, looking for answers to his own UFO sightings. My advice is to avoid spending too much time at UFO forums, unless you're already well-versed into the UFO subject and can separate the wheat from the chaff.

Mailing-lists (note: most of these lists are designed to serve the UFO researchers and seriously interested individuals. These lists are worth reading if you have the time, but if you think that all the answers are available on such private lists then you will be disappointed) Usenet Newsgroups Greek language sites / forums which I occasionally visit, in search of UFO reports:

Greek investigators and groups (Note: I'm still trying to sort these out, most people drawn into the subject seem to also be interested in a wide range of "paranormal" or "metaphysical" phenomena, "alternative history", ancient astronaut theories etc) Back in 4Q-2007, after having devoted about a year into studying the UFO phenomenon on my own, I attempted to locate any active UFO researchers or UFO groups here in Greece and get in touch with them, particularly with anyone interested in doing "boots on the ground" personal investigations. I didn't have much luck, as those few persons who I did locate informed me that they had "retired" from the UFO subject. I haven't had personal contact with the people and groups listed below and, with the exception of any material they've published on their Websites, I'm not familiar with their work.

UFO beliefs in modern greek society can be best summarized with the phrase "out of sight, out of mind". Most of the greek population doesn't know anything about UFOs, other than the U.F.O. acronym itself (in greek "A.T.I.A."), which is synonymous with alien spaceships and is thought to belong strictly in the realm of science fiction (by the way this is what I thought of UFOs myself, until late 2006). In the modern greek language the term "UFO" is widely used as a pejorative, to characterize a person of limited intelligence (usage: "he is a UFO"). Initially used as slang (ufo @ the alternate meaning of the term UFO has since the 1990s been included in modern greek lexicons and even Google translates "ούφο" to "moron" (ούφο @ Quoting from the premier greek lexicon LKN:

ούφο το [úfo] O (άκλ.) : (προφ.) 1. ο ιπτάμενος δίσκος. 2. μειωτικός χαρακτηρισμός για άνθρωπο με μειωμένη νοημοσύνη. [λόγ. < αγγλ. UFO αρκτικόλ. U(nidentified) F(lying) O(bject) 'ανεξακρίβωτο ιπτάμενο αντικείμενο'] src
Public interest in the UFO subject in Greece is low, an attitude which I attribute mostly to the lack of any substantive coverage by the mass media, in conjunction with the hostile attitude by the scientific community. The greek newspapers very rarely (perhaps once per year) print a story about UFOs and even when they do, it is just a couple of paragraphs, quoting some other source like AP (Associated Press), the BBC or AFP (Agence France-Presse). There is practically no original reporting of local sightings; the only exception that comes to mind was a UFO incident involving Olympic Airlines flight OA266 from London to Athens in Nov-2007, when the airplane was reportedly "buzzed" by a UFO which was also observed from the ground, assistance was requested by the military and eventually two Hellenic Air Force F-16 military jets flew up to investigate (and found nothing, as it had already been a couple of hours since the event).

Anyone who has followed the history of UFOs knows that the "elite" media in most western nations have been aggressively hostile against the UFO phenomenon and those who supported non-prosaic explanations for it. However, while doing archival research in greek newspaper on-line archives, I have not encountered the polemics and the subtle (or not-so-subtle) disinformation which has plagued UFO coverage by mainstream media in the USA and Europe for so long, e.g. the "hit-pieces" which have appeared in previous decades in USA's NY Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and Newsweek, or in Britain's BBC and "The Guardian" and in Germany's "Die Zeit" and "Der Spiegel". Instead, generally speaking, the greek media have treated UFOs with mild amusement as a silly but mostly harmless "weird idea" a few eccentric people might be tempted to believe in.

Fringe beliefs: Epsilonism, greek racial supremacy, right-wing politics, anti-semitism, religious fanatics. UFOs lumped together with various mysteries (e.g. pyramids) or conspiracies e.g. NWO, Project Blue-beam.

Greek groups to ask about UFO sightings: There are several groups which I would like to query about possible UFO sightings: seamen (Greek Merchant Navy is the largest in the world, and although some of it is flying a flag of convenience, they still employ mostly Greek naval officers), airline pilots, policemen, retired military personell and air defense radar controllers, amateur astronomers, mountaineers and fishermen.

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