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List of UFO Blogs - RSS News Feed about UFOs

Summary: This page offers a hand-edited list of about one hundred (100) blogs which cover UFOs. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list, however many UFO bloggers offer links to other blogs they like (blogroll). You may also want to check the UFO podcasts and UFO forums and mailing-lists pages.

Blog Tip: If you are unsure where to start, you are welcome to subscribe (free) to the UFO Updates RSS feed I monitor myself. The UFOupdates feed is syndicating posts from about two dozen blogs, covering both UFO news and history. For many topics involving the UFO phenomenon, one has to draw conclusions based on imperfect, incomplete or poorly reported data. I always appreciate hearing from others who have taken the time to reflect on the issues. Disclaimer: the blog posts of this feed don't necessarily reflect my opinion, in fact in the past I have occasionally cringed when reading some of the material posted. You can join via traditional RSS (any reader e.g. GoogleReader, MyYahoo, MSIE7, Firefox etc) or by e-mail via Google Feedburner. In response to popular demand, the same UFOupdates feed is also available at Twitter and Facebook.

Daily news scan about unexplained phenomena (not specializing in UFOs), conspiracies, "alternative history" and the paranormal from a variety of sources.

Blogs posting UFO sightings submitted by the public (typically UFO reports are reproduced as-is, i.e. no verification or investigation):

Blogs tracking latest UFO news:

Multi-user UFO blogs :

Blogs by UFO researchers, pundits, enthousiasts (relevance varies, presented in no particular order, needs re-organisation):

UFO skeptics / scoffers / debunkers / pelicanists (note: these folks "specialize" in UFO skepticism and are typically knowledgeable about the subject, i.e. they are neither casual dismissers like most skeptical journalists and scientists, nor "generic" skeptics like media's pet "rent-a-skeptic" Michael Shermer or Robert T. Carroll of who attempt to "debunk" anything and everything from homeopathy to psychics to Bigfoot to UFOs) [todo: move/merge this section with the skeptics page]

Definition: "pelicanist" is one who proposes hard-to-believe solutions to puzzling UFO sightings. Pelicanist is not synonymous with skeptic; in other words, skepticism about UFOs need not be unreasonable in principle, even if it sometimes is so in practice. A skeptic becomes a pelicanist only in the latter instance. Jerome Clark coined the neologism "pelicanist" for British writer James Easton, who proposed and fiercely defended the notion that Kenneth Arnold's 1947 UFO sighting was ... (you guessed it) pelicans. Similarly, "pelicanism" is defined as "the practice of ascribing any explanation, however scientifically unsustainable, illogical, or fantastic, to a UFO event or experience, in a desperate effort to deny that anything seriously anomalous may be going on".
What comes to my mind when reading some of the analysis offered by UFO skeptics is "if you torture the evidence enough, it will confess to anything" ... Some "UFO skeptics" are one-trick-ponies with a pet theory that they invoke repeatedly to attempt to explain all sorts of UFO sightings, e.g. Steuart Campbell's 'mirage' theory, whereas others like Phil J. Klass had a range of 'explanations' and reverted to his default position of character assassination ("he/she/they must be liars", "little nobodies, looking for fame", "by publicly questioning the government [UFO organizations] lend support to the Communist movement" etc) only after exhausting less desperate measures.

Non-english language UFO blogs:

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