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Note: This page is a "stub" I wrote in 2007 and is outdated. If / when I find the time, I plan to re-write it from scratch to summarize my opinion on various UFO-related subjects, in a Q&A format. Meanwhile, make sure you check the up-to-date and almost completed pages of this site: video documentaries, technical overview, docs, literature, organizations, as well as the blogs, forums and podcasts webpages. I have also been working on new material (original research) for the physics, occupants and abductions pages, which I haven't put on-line yet.

This is a collection of selected UFO resources: real UFO picture and video galleries, video documentaries, technical data, scientific studies, books, portals, newsfeeds, blogs and forums. In short, by combining info from many diverse sources, our goal is to offer a "starting point" for in-depth info and gems of real value in a labyrinth of (often false) information published on the fascinating subject of UFOs. For the sake of brevity, these pages will not be couched in the customary cautionary terminology with the usual "weasel words" ("allegedly", "supposedly" etc).

"Less is more": The goal is to be both informative and succint, providing the core data, but also linking to 3rd-party Websites extensively. This was a conscious decision, to honor the visitors' valuable time.

The information that is provided is considered accurate, but we encourage visitors to treat anything on our pages with a critical eye and understand that appearance and opinion do not always equate to fact and reality. To quote the Time Traveller from Well's classic 'Time Machine' novel: "It may be as wrong an explanation as mortal wit could invent. It is how the thing shaped itself to me, and as that I give it to you."

Most examples of UFO pictures and sightings provided are intentionally chosen from the 1950 - 1970 period, before the development of digital cameras and image manipulation computer software. Although most are black-and-white and thus less impressive than recent photos, it helps to avoid the argument about UFOs possibly being "black project" craft (unless one entertains the idea that all of the public US DoD programme -F117, B2 up to the latest F22 Raptor- and every NASA mission -which is still using chemical rockets for Space Shuttle- over the past 60 years are a smoke-screen, as superior technologies exist).

Note: most UFO pictures that are really interesting to people who are New to the subject of UFOs do tend to be some of the more questionable UFO pictures.

This project started in Aug-2006 as a list of Links/bookmarks to various UFO Websites, in an attempt to "separate wheat from chaff", for my own study of the subject. Later the information was posted on the Web as a single-page of links with commentary, as a "UFO Primer". In June-2007, the content was split and expanded those subjects where there is little public info.

Although I've never seen a UFO "up close and personal", I have had a brief daylight sighting of a medium-grey equilateral triangle, about the size of the moon, up against clear blue sky, almost directly overhead, moving from south to north with small instantaneous "jumps". It gave brilliant strong intermittent white-blue "flashes" from the "rear" end (facing south), like mirror reflection from the sun, but they seemed very bright. Anyway, even discounting that one, I know of 2 people who each saw a UFO at very close range of a few meters. Reading the research I am convinced that UFOs are just as real and tangible as e.g. the B2 stealth bomber (although neither one's pieces are available for study). Thousands of people have seen UFOs, many under circumstances which virtually preclude misinterpretation and some of these sightings have been coordinated with radar fixes. Photographs have been taken and physical evidence has been accumulated.

Don't fall for the propaganda, portraying UFO facts as "conspiracy theories". Sometimes naive people ask "If this UFO subject were for real, wouldn't you expect all the scientists to jump all over it?", meaning the public scientific research by ACADEMIC scientists. The answer is a loud NO; there already are thousands of scientists WORKING UNDER SECURITY to do it (e.g. just in the 3 nuclear weapon labs in USA there are over 25,000 employees of which 10,000 are scientists, with budgets higher than the entire NSF and some of them undoubtedly work on UFOs).

Anyway IMHO academics have failed the public (with notable exceptions such as James MacDonald, J. Allen Hynek, Sturrock, Michio Kaku etc), in that preciously few had the courage to publicly advocate the study of UFOs, fearing it'll jeopardize their funding and careers. For most people, it's "your soul or your job" and we've all witnessed what most academics answer to that. But it's hardly surprising, if one studies the history and sociology of science.

Even if the best evidence (UFO wreckage and bodies) have been secreted away by the governments as many believe, Science is more than examination of an artifact that one can touch and performing reproducible controllable experiments. The evaluation of sudden unexpected events cannot exclude science even if they can't be rerun again, e.g. the Columbia accident. Automobile accidents, plane crashes, crimes of all sorts are observed unexpectedly by people in the right place at the right time. They are not predictable or controllable.

There are over 3000 physical trace cases in 70 countries, of UFOs landing and affecting soil and flora. The frame by frame analysis of motion picture footage, observing color and changes in color with velocity in videos. The analysis of photographs. The triangulation of multiple observations from different directions (see Martin Jasek's work on Yukon 1996 UFO case, estimated to be huge 0.9-1.8km!). Review of EM signals, evaluation of stealth characteristics, evaluation of effects on vehicles and aircraft instrumentation. All this and a host more provide plenty of opportunity for applying chemistry and physics.

As a closing remark, to paraphrase the Introduction to the Condon Report: "Anyone who honestly studies the UFO phenomenon as a healthy agnostic will, I believe, come out with a new perspective on human values and limitations."

I hope this document will be useful to you.

Dimitris Hatzopoulos
Thessaloniki, Greece

Disclosure: The opinion of the author (who started as an agnostic in Aug-2006) can best be described as "the core hypothesis", i.e. there is a core of authentic anomalous UFO events. I can't say if they are interplanetary craft, but they most likely indicate presence on Earth of an alien (non-human) intelligence, origins (my opinion right now, is that we should be looking into the oceans), and motives unknown. This cannot be stated as absolute fact, but the evidence is profound.

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