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This is a reference Website. It offers a collection of hand-picked UFO resources: real UFO pictures (see the "summary" and "technical overview" pages), video documentaries, video footage and testimonies, technical data and over 500 links to scientific studies, books, portals, newsfeeds, blogs and forums about UFOs. In short, by combining info from many diverse sources, our goal is to share a selection of valuable, representative (in a some cases unique UFO info and original research), as concisely as possible and offer some possible answers. Also provide a "starting point" for in-depth info and gems of real value in a labyrinth of (often false) information published on the fascinating subject of UFOs.

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Table of UFO shapes, from the classic book "Unconventional Flying Objects" by Paul Hill (a NASA/NACA engineer who developed an interest in UFOs in the 1950s after having two sightings of his own and privately studied UFOs for years). His list of UFO shapes above, did not include the very large V-shaped (boomerang / crescent), the triangular and the smaller triangular/pyramid UFOs. Those were quite rare in the 1950s - 1970s, when Paul Hill collected data and wrote his book, but became very common in the 1980s and beyond (there are several documented sightings of very large black triangular UFOs even in the 1960s, so it's not a contemporary phenomenon).

Credible information on the UFO subject is notoriously difficult to find. In fact, the reason for starting these pages after having devoted a couple of months looking into the UFO subject in late 2006, was the realization that -depending on one's starting point- a person interested in the UFO enigma could easily spend 100 hours or more, reading Websites and books and watching TV shows and documentaries about UFOs, and yet end up more confused than when he started.

You can't rely on familiar Internet sources such as Wikipedia, which would otherwise be a decent starting point for non-controversial subjects. By definition, Wikipedia reflects the opinion of the status quo, i.e. disregards materials that are not rendered "notable" by recognition from "official" sources. This creates a Catch-22 for any subject which doesn't enjoy a "seal of approval" from officialdom. In addition, due to free-for-all editing, there are just too many factual errors -which change from week to week- and unless you're already well-versed into the UFO subject, you really can't tell.

You also can't rely on your trusted Internet search engine (Google, Yahoo etc). Many of the serious, in-depth UFO research websites are buried at positions #100 to #300 or even lower (i.e. one has to shift through 10-30 pages of search results to find them) for the popular 1-word or 2-word queries. Nearly all Google Image search results are obvious fakes. Having monitored the Google Alert (news- and blogosphere clipping service) for the keyword "UFO" for 3 months, I couldn't find a single post from any of the specialized UFO blogs. Featured Youtube videos, such as the WTC and Haiti ones, are both admitted fakes. These facts were the primary reason for creating these webpages, as the "Ariadne's thread in the labyrinth".

Updates: As of 30-Apr-2007, the "Best UFO Resources" Webpage has undergone extensive re-organisation. It had grown too big for a monolithic document. Its content is now split into over 30 different pages. Visit one of the links above, preferrably in the order presented. You can still access the old version.

Last modified: Tuesday, 09-Jun-2009 02:42:26 EEST